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Save Money by Visiting Nature

The State of Minnesota has not had a real spring this year. Instead, we have a "Spummer."  What is a Spummer you  ask?

It is a year in which spring comes very late, and runs right into summer. Our normal spring arrived 6 weeks late and now we are all trying to catch up.

Suddenly farmers are out in the fields trying to plant crops, highways are being evaluated and the repair process has begun. Children are trying to catch up on spring sports. Clothing is changing from winter jackets to no jackets.

People now have the opportunity to take a real look at nature that exists around us. We do this with no cost.

The photos included in this post are sights we havent seen for 6 months! 

University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Most of you probably have flowers in your neighborhood. This photo represents some of the only flowers in our city.


 Preparation for a summer dreamed of in March

When lakes warm up (many are still cold) the lakes will be covered with fishing boats and canoes. Those in ths  photo were placed there by optomistic fisherman and those who canoe.


The lakes are important to all of us 

They are beautiful most of the time. They tie us to nature. They are alive with fish and other creatures. They provide us with sport and food. Families celebrate traditions that have tied them together for years.

Nature is entertaining us just by being there.

We, our families, and friends, can have a wonderful time at little cost. Instead of Mall Walking, we now spend time checking out our favorite trees, animals, and pathways. We meet with friends and picnic. We drive to cabins on as many weekends as possible.

I have to close for now, I need to walk down to the lake and onto the trail.

I wish you a pleasant summer season and urge you to visit the opportunities the earth provides.

Lori Blatzheim 

Lori Blatzheim is a wife, mother, grandmother, writer, thrift advocate, and retired nurse. She knows that use of Thrift can help people because she has experienced the benefits.

Are you a Senior? Do you have a friend or relative who is considering retirement or has already retired? Check out this web site: Retire and Renew:



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