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Prevent a one day event: Lengthen the Holiday Season

By the time the Holiday arrives, children may be so excited with pent up emotion that they rip the paper off their presents,  take a look at the interior and go on to the next gift. 

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My name is Lori Blatzheim and I am your host.

Our major holidays are important events. Let’s give the family and the faith more attention and spend less time and attention on shopping.

At one point in time sales were held after the Holidays. People waited for post event savings. Now, with Black Friday capturing the interest of the country, it is difficult to ignore the circus.

Can family events diminish the need to spend Holiday hours dashing through department stores?

Our major holidays are important events. Let’s give the family and the faith more attention and spend less time and attention on shopping.

Members of our Norwegian-American family celebrate a period of time called Advent. The word Advent means the arrival of something important or awaited.

When our children were young, we made it a point to have a family dinner every Sunday evening during the four weeks prior to Christmas.  We placed a special wreath on the table which held four candles. Each week we lit one or more candle. The children were fascinated and watched them as the flame gently lit the room. With each weekly dinner an additional candle was lit until all four burned brightly on the last Sunday before Christmas arrived.

The Sunday night dinners became a time when we could reconnect, talk about things together and celebrate our family.

How to diminish the temptation of shopping and learn to spend time with each other?

Here are some suggestions:

Develop family traditions; a special meal, music, entertainment

Consider inserting some family events into the month before the major holiday.

Attend festivals, celebrations, and spiritual events

Look for inexpensive local entertainment. Watch a play; enjoy a concert at a church or school.

Walk around a shopping mall and view the colorful decorations.

Drive around the community at night and look at the decorations.

Visit with special family or friends.

Build memories. 

Skip the Black Friday sales or at least limit them.

Purchase your gifts in advance. Is it really worth it to wait around until the sales, rush from store to store to store and come home exhausted during the height of the Holiday Season? 

In the end, is it more important to have lots of gifts or to care and communicate with your family?

Some day you may not be able to have a family dinner. The children may be grown. They have left due to marriage or a career far away. It may not be possible to sit as a family and celebrate a Holiday. 

Lori Blatzheim is a wife, mother, grandmother, writer, thrift advocate, and retired nurse. She knows that use of Thrift can help people because she has experienced the benefits.

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