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Creativity: is it needed for a Thrift Centered Life?


People who are living a Thrift centered life will be more successful if they approach things in a creative way.


Welcome to Thrifty Living Today. A special way of life for the Twenty-first Century.


My name is Lori Blatzheim and I am your host.


People with ingenuity and the ability to think in a different way may try a different approach to get what they want. Some have the ability to form mental images of things that either are not physically present or have not been created by others. Or, they may try a simple solution. If it works, great. If it doesn't, try again. 


Let's look at a typical wife and mother. She checks her kitchen cupboard and realizes she is missing an ingredient for the dish she is preparing for dinner. She considers what she does have in her cupboard, and substitutes that. She goes on to have dinner with her family without dashing to the grocery store. 


She has demonstrated resourcefulness and ingenuity.


Or, how about the family that has other uses for their spendable income. The mother wants a footstool to place by a favorite chair. She grabs the red seat cushion from the chair and puts it in the trunk of her car.


She drives to a second hand store and buys an inexpensive table of low height. Next, grabbing the red seat cushion from the trunk of the car, she walks into a fabric store and picks up a small uncovered square pillow the size of the table top. She also selects a piece of strong material, the color of the red chair.


After driving home, she shows her purchases to her creative husband. He takes the pile of pieces, ensures their strength and assembles them. Now this family has a footstool. It cost almost nothing and will provide a place of rest.   


Would you do this? I did. I am currently sitting in the chair with my feet on the footstool. I admit it is an unusual solution, one that not everyone would take, but it worked for us.


Why does creativity help?


The person who follows Thrift will seek the least expensive but best solution possible. He or she is flexible and does not always stick to the status quo.


He or she might try to save money by:


  • using a tool designed for another task, to help with an associated activity
  • hosting a party or celebration in a park rather than at a more expensive place
  • check personal resources to see if a new item (dress, tool, book etc.) is required
  • find a needed item on sale   


What is there to be creative about?


Many things in life can be altered by a creative intervention.


Thrift centered couples, just starting out, can find furniture that needs a bit of work (a screw, some paint, or slip covers). They can look for pieces that work in their home. In the future they can replace these pieces if they want to but, for the time being, they can furnish a room or apartment together. 


They may try some do it yourself projects such as renting a carpet shampoo machine and trying it on their carpet. Or, they might try making a simple repair.


Sometimes people feel hesitant trying to fix something or cooking something new. They may not have done this in the past and now doubt whether they are up to the task. They may worry about what others will say especially if they fail in the attempt.


Trying something new requires courage, a willingness to try, and the willingness to fail. On the other hand, without trying, a person will never know if he or she can succeed. That person will miss the opportunity for success.


When is it needed?


It is impossible to say when an opportunity will present. It is probably better to ask the question "if an opportunity occurs, will you take up the challenge?" For example, if you run out of gas and there is a gasoline station ahead would you go to the station, negotiate with the Attendant for a container, pump some gas into the container, return to the car, and pour it into your car? For some of us that might be a real challenge


Sometimes the challenge takes longer to consider. For example, what if your family wants to take a long distance trip. Would you drive or fly? Why would you travel that way?


How is someone creative


We tend to consider a person creative by the way he or she thinks

The person uses ability to put two and two together, come up with an organized plan, attempt to fix a problem  and come to a positive conclusion


Can you learn to be creative?


Some people believe that you can. If you practice some of the hallmarks of creativity, you may find yourself becoming more confident. You may try new things, new strategies, and work at things in your own special way. 


Lori Blatzheim is a wife, mother, nurse, writer, and thrift advocate. She knows that use of Thrift can help people because she has experienced the benefits. 



Below is an addresses for a site discussing creativity. You may want to check it out. 






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