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February 2014 - Posts

  • TDS Recommends...Making Your Own Bath Salts

    Every now and then, a good soak in the tub is just what you need to relax after a hard day. And what better way to relax than a warm tub filled with lavender aromatherapy? Heidi over at The Frugal Girls has a wonderful recipe for making your own lavender bath salts, perfect for stress relief.  If you've been wondering how to make your own, give her post a look! It could be a wonderful and soothing way to wind up a stressful week! Happy reading!

    Posted Feb 27 2014, 08:33 AM by TDSPaige with no comments
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  • TDS Recommends..Steps to Changing Your Own Oil

    Have you ever been to the mechanic and, after paying them to change your own oil, thought...I wonder if I can do this? Well look no further! Fellow bloggers over at Sustainable Life Blog have a great post on Saving Money by Changing Your Own Oil.  The post gives great directions on the tools that you'll need and the steps you'll take to change your own motor oil. If you've been considering saving money, and you don't mind getting a little dirty, this post has some great tips to get the job done! Happy reading!

    Posted Feb 26 2014, 08:04 AM by TDSPaige with no comments
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  • TDS Recommends...Tips for Successful Job Searches

    Have you been job-hunting without luck? And are you looking for good tips to find employment? If so, be sure to check out this great post from The Frugal Toad on Successful Job Searching. From looking for new opportunities to networking tips, this post is full of great information for job seekers. If you need some tips to jumpstart your job search, take a look! Hopefully this post will help you with your search! Happy reading!

  • TDS Recommends...Useful Tips for Self-Employment Taxes

     It's that time of year again...accountants are working late night, and all of us are gathering documents for tax time. But what if you work  for yourself? TDS Recommends found this fantastic post chock full of great tips and information about self-employment taxes from our friends over at LBee and the Money Tree! She gives some really great information from possible deductions to retirement plans. If you work for yourself, and you've been wondering about possible deduction options, give this post a look! It might make tax time a little less stressful! Happy reading!

  • TDS Recommends...An Easy Mardi Gras King Cake Recipe!

    There is nothing like a delicious king cake during the Mardi Gras season! Tasty bread with filling and icing make a perfect dessert or breakfast...one of our favorite things about Mardi Gras! If there isn't a shop in your area that sells tasty king cakes, why not try to whip up your own? TDS Recommends found an easy recipe for King Cake from fellow bloggers over at Craft Dictator! The ingredients are simple, and the pictures of the process and the final product look delicious! Give this easy recipe a try to get started in the Mardi Gras spirit!  Happy reading!

    Posted Feb 19 2014, 08:26 AM by TDSPaige with no comments
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  • TDS Recommends...Steps to a Homemade Haircut

    Haircuts can be an expensive part of your budget! Between the salon fees and a tip, you can leave a salon thinking that your lovely haircut could have also been some groceries or a few tanks of gas.  So when TDS Recommends found this fantastic post from fellow bloggers over at And Then We Saved, we were totally intrigued and excited! This post gives some great step-by-step instructions on how to cut your own hair! And the before/after pictures and results are amazing! If you've been looking for a great haircut tutorial, then please take a look! You could save some money, and look fabulous too! Happy reading!

  • TDS Recommends...A Tasty Meatloaf Recipe for a Cold Day Inside!

    When TDS Recommends saw this recipe for completely yummy meatloaf we couldn't resist sharing it! Not only does it look delicious, but our blogger friends over at Frugal and Fun Mom have put it together using only five ingredients! And since no one wants to go to the store when it's cold and snowy, we bet you've got these five ingredients tucked in your pantry and refrigerator...perfect for a cozy dinner inside! If you're looking for a yummy and easy dinner, check out this post! It looks delicious! Happy reading!

    Posted Feb 13 2014, 10:12 AM by TDSPaige with no comments
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  • TDS Recommends...Explaining Alphabet Make-Up Creams

     Have you ever walked up to the department store make-up counter, or down the drugstore make-up aisle, only to become completely baffled at the different creams available? You aren't alone! Expecially with the advent of "alphabet" creams available as part of your make-up selection. Creams labeled "BB" or "DD" are popping up everywhere...but what do all those letters mean? Well, we found an awesome post from fellow bloggers over at Afrobella that explains it perfectly! They even give their opinions on favorite brands to try! If you've found yourself confused on the make-up aisle, take a look at this great post! It's sure to give you some clarity, and maybe some inspriration to try something new!

    Happy reading!

    Posted Feb 12 2014, 09:04 AM by TDSPaige with no comments
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  • TDS Recommends...a Few Frugal Ideas for Valentine's Day!

    We've got Valentines on our minds here at TDS Recommends, and along with daydreaming of roses and chocolate candies...we found a great post with some frugal ideas for the celebrating the big day! Fellow bloggers over at "Cents"able Momma have a great list of fun activities for Valentine's that won't drain your wallet. we love the idea of a dinner themed in red...from Spaghetti, to Apples, Strawberries, and Cranberry Juice...the possibilities are endless! And this could be lots of fun for kids too! If you're looking for frugal Valentine ideas, give this post a look. You're sure to find an idea that you LOVE! Happy reading!

  • TDS Recommends...an Amazing Resource for Meals for $5!!

    TDS Recommends loves yummy food. And it's even better when it's yummy on a budget. So when we stumbled on Erin Chases' site - 5 Dollar Dinners, we got really excited. And when we went to her recipe index of ALL the recipes she's made for $5 dollars, we were amazed! And we couldn't wait to share this site with you! Instead of featuring just one post from $5 dollar dinners, we want to link you right to her recipe index, which has a ton of $5 dollar recipes! From breakfast to dinner, from allergy friendly to seasonal, $5 Dollar Dinners is a wonderful resource for budget-friendly and delicious cooking! Have fun looking at all of her tasty creations!

    Posted Feb 06 2014, 08:28 AM by TDSPaige with no comments
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