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January 2014 - Posts

  • TDS Recommends...DIY! Turning Your Tablet's Old Box into the Perfect Spice Rack

    Here at TDS Recommends we love a good DIY Project, and since we haven't featured one in a while, what better time for a quick DIY than a cold winter afternoon inside? So grab your old tablet box and some pretty fabric, and check out this wonderful post from fellow bloggers over at Eve Of Reduction! Eve describes, in a step-by-step tutorial, how to take an old Ipad box and turn it into a very cute spice rack for your cabinet! Such a great idea! If you're looking to reduce a little clutter, and have some fun with an afternoon project, give this post a look! It's sure to brighten up your kitchen and your spice cabinet! Happy reading!

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  • TDS Recommends...Budget-Friendly Ways to Transform Your Office Appearance to Evening Out!

    How many times have you found yourself perfectly dressed for a day at the office, only to find yourself rushing home and changing into a completely different ensemble for a night out? Trying to plan for fashionable daytime and evening clothing can be time-consuming and hard on your budget. So when we found this post from fellow bloggers over at GoGirlFinance, we had to share it!  GoGirlFinance shares three great, budget-friendly ways to take your appearance from office to evening, including suggestions from changing jewelry to changing makeup! We love the leather suggestions, too! If you are trying to save on your wardrobe, give this post a look! It has great suggestions for tranforming what you have into something special! Happy reading!

  • TDS Recommends...Preparing Freezer Meals for Your Crock-Pot

    There is nothing better than coming home after a long (cold) day, to a warm meal that's been cooking away in the slow cooker all day. The house smells yummy, and you can relax a bit before dinner, knowing that most of your meal preparation is done. But have you ever found yourself without much time in the morning to get your crockpot meals together? If so, this fantastic post from MommySavers has 8 amazing crock-pot meals that you can put together, freeze, and then dump in your crock-pot the morning you want to cook it! By dinner, your meal is on the table! We love the idea of 8 homemade meals ready for the crockpot in the mornings! The pulled pork sandwiches sound amazing! If you are looking for some great freezer meal and crock-pot weeknight ideas, give this post a look! You'll have home-cooked meals in no time! Happy reading!

  • TDS Recommends...More Frugal Winter Fun!

    In our quest for fun winter activities for all of these snowy days, we found another fantastic post from fellow bloggers over at Making Sense of Cents! This post has some additional fun, and budget-friendly winter activities that can add some spice to winter days. We love how the author lists out the activities, and then also lists out some basics to keep activities fun (i.e. tissues and chapstick!) If you are collecting budget-friendly winter fun activities, give this post a look! Hopefully it will give you more ideas for taking advantage of winter snow! Happy reading!

  • TDS Recommends...a Huge List of Snow Day Activities!

    With the polar vortex affecting so many folks, TDS Recommends went in search of some fun snow day indoor and outdoor activities...and boy did we come up with some! Fellow bloggers over at Frugal Upstate have an awesome post with a list of 40 fantastic snow day activities perfect for cold winter days! The list includes amazing suggestions for both indoor and outdoor activities (weather permitting, of course!) There are so many great ideas on this list we had a hard time choosing our favorites! For sure we love the idea of making bird feeders to feed the birds! And making homemade soft pretzels sounds fantastic! Whether you are snowed in, or just looking for some indoor ideas, take a look at this post! It will brighten up your (snow) day!! Happy reading!

  • TDS Recommends...Affordable Date Night Ideas!

    Sometimes you just need a night out (or a night in!) with your spouse or significant other. But what if you're down to the last bit of extra in your budget? TDS Recommends ran across a great post from fellow bloggers over at Wonder Mom Wannabe with a long list of great (and affordable) date night ideas. We love the idea of sharing breakfast or lunch as a less expensive alternative to dinner. Or even geocaching as a fun adventure! If you're looking for budget-friendly date ideas, take a look at this post. Your next date night could be just around the corner! Happy reading!

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  • TDS Recommends...Ways to Save Money At Your Office!

    TDS Recommends loves finding interesting ways to save, and what better place to save than at your office. From wasted paper to air conditioners set way too cold, this excellent post from our friends over at Modest Money gives the run-down on great tips to save money (and be a little more green, too) at your work. We love the suggestion about setting a motion sensor on light switches so that they automatically turn off if no one is in the room. And recycling paper (or even re-using) is another great suggestion! If you're looking for ways to save, have a look! Many of these suggestions could be used at home too! Happy reading!

  • TDS Recommends...Thrifty uses for a simple potato!

    Here at TDS Recommends, we are always looking for new ways to stretch our dollars and live a little more frugally. So when we stumbled on this great post from fellow blogger Miss Thrifty on ways to use a potato (other than for eating it!), we were hooked! Miss Thrifty lists out 5 uses for a simple potato, from cleaning silver to soothing sunburn. Who knew that potatoes can reduce eye puffiness? If you have some extra potatoes in your pantry, give this post a look! And be sure to take a look at her additional post on thrifty lemon uses too! Happy reading!

  • TDS Recommends...A Warm Crock-Pot Recipe for a Chilly Day!

    Winter is here folks. And nothing is better on a cold day than a warm, hearty meal cooking inside a cozy home! If you've been looking for an easy Crock-Pot recipe for these cold days, then this post is for you! Our friends over at Frugal and Fun Mom have a wonderful Crock Pot Chuck Roast recipe perfect for slow cooking on a cold day. We love the fact that this recipe includes plenty of veggies with the roast! If you've been looking for a great winter weather recipe, check out her post!  Hopefully you enjoy a warm meal and a cozy home during these winter days!



  • TDS Recommends...Financial Blogger Tips to Save Money!

    If saving your money is at the forefront of your New Year's resolutions, we have the perfect post for you! Fellow bloggers over at Money Life and More have a wonderful, and LONG list of 123 tips to crank up your saving habits. There are so many wonderful suggestions on this list that we love - "buying only necessities for newborns," and "getting an energy audit" are just the tip of the iceberg! If saving your money is a top priority, give this post a look! It's sure to inspire you with creative ways to save! Happy reading! 

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