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December 2013 - Posts

  • TDS Recommends...Saving Money on Your Heating Bills!

    The beginning of 2014 is right around the corner, and winter is here for a few more months. If your heating bills are also heating up your monthly budget, we found a great post from fellow bloggers over at Broke Newlyweds with some wonderful tips to help cut down your heat costs.  This list is a great way to quickly re-check your house to make sure you are using your heat in the most economical way possible.  From changing filters to changing water heater settings, this post has some great winter energy tips! As you're making New Year financial resolutions and goals, don't forget that saving on heat costs could figure into that equation too! Happy reading! And have a Happy and Blessed New year!

  • TDS Recommends...Tips for After-Christmas Clearance and Mark Down Sales!

    Merry Day-After-Christmas to TDS Readers! Being that today is the day after Christmas, we know we'll start seeing discounts and clearance going on at many of the larger retailers. If you're on the hunt for bargains and day-after-Christmas sales, you're in luck! We've got a great post from fellow bloggers over at More With Less Today on the different mark-down codes that many of the larger retailers use as they are clearancing out merchandise! If you want to stock up on holiday items for next year, check out this list of mark-down and clearance information, so that you'll know whether your item will be marked down even further! Good luck bargain-hunting! And happy reading!

  • TDS Recommends...Last Minute Gifts!

    Happy Christmas Eve to TDS Recommends Readers!! Have you waited until today to get your shopping done? Or have you just now realized that you've left someone off your shopping list? If so, we have the perfect post for you! Fellow bloggers over at Saving the Family Money have come up with a great post on easy last minute gifts if you still need ideas! We love the idea of giving an eGiftCard! And donating to a charity or buying online with store pickup are great options too! If you still need a gift, check out these great ideas! Hopefully your shopping will be complete! Happy reading! and Merry Christmas!

  • TDS Recommends...3 Great Gifts Under $30 for Anyone!!

    If you need a last-minute holiday gift idea for friends, neighbors, or co-workers, we've got the post for you! Today, we're featuring a fantastic post from LBee and the Money Tree for 3 more awesome gift ideas...for anyone on your list!! We absolutely love her suggestion for Tervis Tumblers! Such great and practical gifts, and with so many styles available, these can be great personal gifts too! And the Maybooks are also beautiful and personal gifts! If you're stumped on what to get a teacher for the holidays, give this post a look. Hopefully these ideas can help inspire some creative and budget-friendly gift giving!  Happy reading!

  • TDS Recommends...10 Gifts for the Guy in Your Life for Under 30$!

     Are there a few last minute gifts on your list? Have you been struggling with what to get your uncle? Your brother? Your best friend? Fellow bloggers over at Christian PF has put together an awesome list of great, unique gifts for the guy in your life...and all of them are under 30$! We absolutely love the idea of giving a dad a pack of wooden airplanes! And a tool kit is a great idea for a new college student! If you are still struggling with what to buy, and you're staying true to your budget, have a look at this list! Hopefully these ideas will help you finish up your shopping! Happy reading!

  • TDS Recommends...a Holiday Meal Planner Printable!

    If you're hosting the holiday feast, and you've started to think about your menu plans, then we've found the post for you! Our blogger friend Erin over at My Frugal Home, posted a wonderful meal-planning/grocery list template designed to make preparing for your holiday dinner a breeze.  She's done all the planning for you by including the different food categories and types, plus a place for you to write in the recipe source too! The page also has section for a grocery list on it so that you can easily keep track of what you need to pick up from the store. If your holiday planning needs a boost, check out Erin's template. It's a wonderful way to get organized if you're cooking for a crowd! Happy reading!

  • TDS Recommends...Don't Forget the Small Stuff in that Holiday Gift Budget!

    If little purchases during your holiday shopping are turning into big dents in your budget, you aren't alone, It's easy to get swept into buying more than you budgeted during the holidays. Retailers advertise great items with even greater updgrades, plus accessories that cost little at the time...and then you end up with big budget problems.  For those of us that are finding ourselves in this holiday budget conundrum, we've found a great post from fellow bloggers over at Man vs. Debt on keeping track of the little things that can eat away at your holiday budget. They've done a great job of explaining how the little purchases can end up costing big if you aren't careful.  If you are finding yourself tempted by the extras, and your budget isn't on track, this post is for you.  Hopefully these tips can get you pointed back in the right direction! Happy reading! 

  • TDS Recommends...Winter Skincare Tips!

    For so many of us, winter is officially here. We know cold wind and frigid temps can damage your skin if you're not careful, so when we found this great post from fellow bloggers over at Thirty Six Months, we had to share!! These are some fantastic tips to protect your precious skin from those harsh winter days. Not only are these great ways to keep your skin looking good, but they could also be a good reason to pamper yourself too! We love the idea of keeping yourself hydrated as a means of taking care of your skin from the inside too! If snow is falling, and you're seeing skin problems too, give this post a look! Hopefully these tips will give your skin a glow! Happy reading!

  • TDS Recommends...Tips on Giving Kids an Allowance

    Want to show your kids the value of family responsibilities? Or how about give them the means to earn money for buying their own Christmas gifts? If so, this post is for you! This past week, we found a wonderful post from fellow bloggers over at GoNannies.com giving great tips on allowances for kids. Especially here at holiday time, an allowance might be a great way to show kids the value of earning money and also the value of giving! We especially love the idea of dividing earned money into three jars - one for saving, one for giving, and one for spending. Such great tips! If you're considering setting up an allowance system in your house, or if you've found that your current allowance system is in need of a revamp, take a look. These tips are sure to get your gears turning on new ways to approach and implement this valuable responsibility tool! Happy reading! 

  • TDS Recommends...Beautiful and Budget-Friendly Holiday Decor Ideas!

    If you want to spruce up your house for the holiday season, but your budget is shaking its head, we've found the perfect post for you! Fellow blogger Kimberlee, over at The Peaceful Mom, shared a post on simple and frugal holiday decorating ideas sure to put you in the Christmas spirit without hurting your wallet. We really love the idea of decorating with shiny ornaments and lights in a basket - such a festive way to celebrate! If you need some budget-friendly and beautiful ideas, give this post a look ... both your home and your budget will thank you! Happy reading!

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