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November 2013 - Posts

  • TDS Recommends...Meaningful Holiday Traditions

    Happy Thanksgiving from TDS Recommends! As we draw into the holiday season full swing, we found a beautiful post from fellow bloggers over at According to Nina about the value of Christmas traditions. Her post eloquently explains how important traditions are for creating memories and expressing love. And she even has a fantastic list of great traditions you could start with your family! Some of these traditions you might already be doing, but there were some new ones to us! We love the idea of giving each child an ornament for the tree every year. Have fun with your own Christmas traditions, and hopefully this list might even inspire you to create new ones! May you have a beautiful holiday season! Happy reading!

  • TDS Recommends...Recipe Plans for Thanksgiving leftovers!

    If you're like some of us here at TDS Recommends, after Thanksgiving, you're usually left with a pile of turkey that ends up in the fridge. Family members will pick a few bites here and there for sandwiches for a few days until it eventually just gets thrown out and replaced with newer leftovers. But what if you could turn those Thanksgving leftovers into yummy weeknight treats and prevent waste too? TDS Recommends has found a fantastic post from fellow bloggers over at Frugal Upstate on 16 Recipes that you can use to turn leftover turkey into weeknight delights! We think some of these leftovers would be fantastic for freezing too for those busy weekday nights! If you're excited for turkey but you're dreading the leftovers, have a look at this list! Hopefully you'll can enjoy your leftover turkey as much as you enjoyed it on Thanksgving! 

    Happy reading!

  • TDS Recommends...A Huge List of Thanksgiving Recipes!!!

    We've started daydreaming of turkey in the oven and sweet potato pie...Thanksgiving is right around the corner! If you're planning your Thanksgiving feast for next week, then we've found the perfect post for you! TDS Recommends loves great recipes and lots of variety, and we've found an excellent list by fellow bloggers over at Brown Eyed Baker of 40 Thanksgiving recipes. Broken down into Breakfast, Side Dishes, and Desserts, this list has amazing recipes (like Garlic Knots  - YUM!) that are sure to delight your crowd. Whether your preparing for 4 or 24, take a look over this list before you head to the store. You might get some ideas for a totally delicious Thanksgiving treat! Happy reading!

    And TDS Recommends readers, please don't hesitate to comment on anything you'd like us to feature as we read through the blogs! Want to learn how to sew a quilt? Or gift wrap a basketball? Maybe we could find that for you! Let us know anything you'd like us to keep our eyes open and look for as we read through the posts of our blogger friends! 

  • TDS Recommends...Great DIY Decoration Ideas for Thanksgiving!

    Here at TDS Recommends, you all know how much we love a good Holiday DIY project! And there's no better way to prepare for Thanksgiving than beautiful DIY table and home decorations! We've found an amazing post from fellow bloggers over at Dandelion Moms that has wonderful ideas and instructions for unique Thanksgiving DIY decoration projects. We love the idea of making a "giving thanks" branch for all of the guests to contribute to! If you are trying to come up with some creative ways to decorate your home or your table, give this post a look. Hopefully it will inspire you to create some beautiful DIY decor!

  • TDS Recommends...Pumpkin Recipes for Tasty Thanksgiving Treats!

    TDS Recommends has Thanksgiving on our minds this morning, and no better way to start the day than talking about pumpkin recipes! From pumpkin donuts to pumpkin Rice Krispie treats, Toni over at The Happy Housewife, has put together an awesome list of fabulous pumpkin recipes just in time for your Thanksgiving shopping list. That Pumpkin Pie French Toast!! And the Chocolate Pumpkin Swirl Cake! Are you preparing to entertain? Or do you need an idea for a Thanksgiving potluck? Maybe you're just ready to get in the Thanksgiving spirit! If you need some culinary inspiration, have a look! These pumpkin creations are sure to delight!

  • TDS Recommends...Protect Yourself During Upcoming Travel!!

    The upcoming holidays bring gifts, smiles and a little time off from work! And maybe even a winter vacation! If you're packing your suitcase and checking it twice, we've found the perfect post for your planning. With vacations on our mind, TDS Recommends is spotlighting a fantastic post today from fellow bloggers over at Budget and the Beach about ways to protect yourself when you are on vacation.

    This post contains excellent pre-vacation advice for anyone planning a vacation. In fact, this post would be great to print out and keep with your suitcase, as you're packing, planning, and checking off your to-do lists. We love the suggestion about staying healthy before you go! And making copies of your documents in case they get lost.  If you have upcoming travel plans, give this post a look!

    Happy reading!

  • TDS Recommends...Fashion Essentials on a Budget!

    Jewelry, belts, shoes, or handbags - if you're looking for the perfect, budget-friendly holiday gift for the fashion-minded on your list, or you're simply trying to put together your own wardrobe on a budget, then TDS Recommends has the post for you! Our fellow blogger Shannyn over at Frugal Beautiful has a wonderful post designed to instruct on building a basic, fashionable wardrobe on a budget. We really love how she details what you need to build a classic and stylish wardrobe. She also gives great tips for shopping on a budget! She has some amazing ideas for preparing for shopping trips, like listing out how many outfits certain clothing items will make, and even making notes about what she wished she had to complete an outfit. Have a look at Shannyn's post! Hopefully it will get you organized and ready to build your own classic wardrobe in style!

  • TDS Recommends...Great DIY Garden Art Gifts for Gardeners!

    We here at TDS Recommends are all about trying to help you find (or make!) the perfect gifts this upcoming holiday season! From the golfers, to the gardeners, to the kitchen connoisseurs, we are going to try to spotlight some different posts for creative and fun gift ideas for the special people in your life. Today, we get DIY ready, with a great post from fellow bloggers over at the The Empress of Dirt. This is one of our favorite frugal gardening websites! If you want to create a great garden art project as a special gift for the gardener in your life, this post has some fantastic, fun, and inexpensive ideas! Be sure to scroll through and click on the links to the different projects. We love the painted stones for an herb garden! And at the end of the post, there is another link to another list too!! Have a look! Hopefully this post will help you sprout some crafty gift ideas!

    Happy reading!

  • TDS Recommends...Great Tips to Save Money on Makeup Expenses!

    If you've recently walked into the store to get the latest lipstick color, and gawked at the price of looking pretty, then we've got the post for you! Just in time for your holiday parties, TDS Recommends has found a fantastic post from our blogger friends over at The Happy Homeowner about ways to save on your makeup and personal care expenses. The post has some great suggestions about makeup costs, when to save and spend, and ways to stretch what you've got. If you're running low on mascara, and wondering how to fit in new makeup costs with all those other holiday gift expenses too, hopefully this post will provide some great money-saving ideas to brighten your smile! Happy reading!

  • TDS Recommends...A Huge List of Holiday Craft Ideas!

    TDS Recommends LOVES a good DIY project, and what better way to get in the holiday swing than to start on some fun and easy Christmas DIY crafts! In the spririt of creating and crafting, today we are featuring a great post from The Frugal Girls! They have come up with a fantastic, long list of really great and easy DIY holiday crafts. So many of these crafts would be wonderful for cold afternoons indoors or fun projects with the kids. And many could be really thoughtful gifts! Have some fun scrolling down through the post. Each craft has a photo and then a corresponding link with instructions. We really like the photo coaster idea! (hint, hint...this could be one we try at home!) And the glitter ornaments would be so fun to try too! Hopefully it will inspire you towards a crafty and creative holiday!

    Happy reading!

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