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October 2013 - Posts

  • TDS Recommends....Creative Gift Ideas for Folks Who Have Everything!

    Happy Halloween! Tomorrow, all those jack-o-lanterns and costumes will be put away, and we'll be on our way to the 2013 Holiday season.  Many of us have already started planning for all the upcoming festivities and gift-giving. We're checking sales and making a budget. But as you've made your lists and checked them twice, have you found one or two people on there who seem to have it all? How will you possibly find that perfect gift within your budget? If you're struggling, TDS Recommends has found the perfect post for you! Today's post comes from fellow personal finance blogger Len Penzo, over at LenPenzoDotCom. These ideas are some of the most creative ideas we've seen for gifts, plus Len gives you the estimated cost of each gift! We love the idea of giving car washes or even a donation to a charity in the recipient's name! If you are in the midst of planning for gifts this season, give this post a look. It's sure to give you some creative gift-giving ideas! Happy reading!

  • TDS Recommends...Options for Selling Your Old Cell Phone for Extra Money!

    You've acquired a nice collection of older model cell phones sitting in your top desk drawer. In fact, you just added one to the heap because you upgraded last month to the latest and greatest. Happening to you? Then this post is for you! Today, TDS Recommends is spotlighting our fellow bloggers over at Debt Roundup. They have a fantastic post on different options for selling your cell phone for extra income! The post gives some great ideas for trading your phone in, as well as selling it outright for money. In fact, the post's author even has a side business buying and selling used phones! If your old phone is sitting around collecting dust, consider your options. It might be worth more than you think!  Happy reading!

  • TDS Recommends...Great Tips for Keeping Foods Fresh Longer

    Want to make your bananas last longer? Read on!! Here at TDS Recommends, we are always looking for ways to save a little extra money, and with the holidays just around the corner, there's no better time to start saving. So when we ran across this wonderful post from our fellow bloggers over at Ready for Zero about keeping foods fresh longer, we knew we had to share it too! Claire, at Ready for Zero, does a really great job of breaking foods into groups and then explaining the best ways to keep food fresh for longer. For example, did you know that if you separate your bananas from the bunch, they will last longer? And meat stored in the door of the freezer tends to spoil quicker? These are just a few of the great tips from today's recommended post! Happy reading!

  • TDS Recommends...Taking Care of Your Garden Tools Before Winter!

    In many parts of the country, cooler temperatures mean its time to put away the gardening gear until next spring. In the spirit of taking care of your tools and extending their life, TDS Recommends is spotlighting a wonderful post from our friend Erin over at My Frugal Home, about taking care of your garden tools before you store them over the winter! Her post does a great job of explaining how to make sure that your garden tools are clean and well cared for over dry and cold winters, so that they are ready to use again in the spring!  Her step-by-step instructions and photographs make it super easy to get all of your tools cleaned and oiled before storage! Take a look at her post. Your garden tools will thank you in the spring!  Happy reading!

  • TDS Recommends...An Easy and Budget-Friendly Bedspread Makeover!

    Cooler weather sometimes means more time indoors...and more time for fun and easy DIY projects! If you're looking for an easy, inexpensive way to update your bedspread, quilt, or duvet cover – this is it! Today, TDS is spotlighting a wonderful DIY project posted by our fellow bloggers over at Fiscally Chic. This great tutorial shows you how to easily update your bedspread using colored ribbon and HeatnBond strips to give your bed, and your whole room, a new look. The tutorial goes step-by-step explaining how to go about transforming a plain bedspread or duvet into something with a splash of coordinating color. The photos at the end of the post show just how much a simple change with a splash of color can alter the way the whole room looks. What a great afternoon project!  Happy reading!

  • TDS Recommends...Interesting Items to Sell on Ebay!

    Today, TDS is spotlighting a post on unique items to sell on Ebay, particularly random items you might pick up at thrift stores, garage sales, and the like. Our fellow bloggers over at Well Kept Wallet have a great post that lists out certain (unexpected!) items that sell really well on Ebay, including textbooks, name-brand clothing, and even coffee mugs! Most of these items can be picked up for a few dollars or less at a local thrift shop, and then resold successfully on Ebay for quite a bit more. Well Kept Wallet's post also gives great tips  on where to find the items and how to decide if it would be a good item to sell...even going as far to explain how to use your smartphone to look up an item's value while you are thrift store shopping! And anything pig-related? Be sure to check the value! According to the post, pig-themed home décor often does well with sales!  Happy reading!

  • TDS Recommends...DIY Fall Pumpkin Decor!

    To go along with yesterday's Halloween-themed spotlight, we thought it might be only fitting to spotlight another great post on fun, do-it-yourself pumpkin décor! Pumpkins can serve as spooky jack-o-lanterns for Halloween, and they can also be all-around beautiful decorations to last through the autumn season.  We found a wonderful post from Maggie, over at Square Pennies, where she put together a great list (and pictures!) of creative and fun ways to decorate pumpkins...either for fall or for Halloween! Her pumpkin decorating tips can be used for either real pumpkins or artifical ones. I especially love the leaf decoupage idea for a beautiful autumn decoration - what a creative idea for a fall front porch or even an inexpensive table centerpiece! Check out Maggie's post to get some great ideas for fun do-it-yourself pumpkin projects! Happy reading!

  • TDS Recommends...Saving Money on Halloween Disguises!

    Here at The Dollar Stretcher we are always looking to our fellow Personal Finance friends in the blogging and web world to find new articles and ideas to pass along to you! We wanted to create this blog to spotlight different ideas and posts from our fellow blogger friends so that you could use and enjoy the information they write about, as much as we enjoyed reading it! That being said....

    Fall is in the air! We're seeing cooler nights and warmer clothes. Fall festivals and Halloween are just around the corner! With Halloween comes pumpkins, decorations, candy and...what else? Costumes! But costumes, as fun as they are, can also be really expensive. Today, TDS Recommends is spotlighting a great post from Laura, over at The Happy Housewife, about different ways to save money on Halloween costumes. Laura does a really great job giving interesting  tips on how to save money putting together a costume and having fun in the process! One of my favorite suggestions from Laura's post is organizing a costume swap. What a wonderful idea to save money on costumes and get families and friends together! Enjoy Laura's post – hopefully her suggestions might help in your search for that perfect, budget-friendly Halloween disguise!


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