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Introducing the #DlrChat

I admit that I don't often get excited. Guess maybe I'm just a reserved kind of guy. Some would say I'm a bit boring. Others might even say, well, that I'm retentive (but we're not going there...this IS a family newsletter).

But I am excited about this week. First, I get to mention that I was recently interviewed by Steve Pomeranz. Steve's been sharing financial wisdom via radio and TV since 2001. You'll find his site here <http://www.onthemoneyradio.org/>. For a direct link to the program that includes my interview with Steve.

Next, I get to tell you about our first ever TweetChat. On Weds 1/18 we're doing the first of a monthly series with our friends at Bankrate.com and Cambridge Credit. And I get to be the host! (no brag, just the facts) We'll be talking about "Holiday Financial Hangovers" and how to get rid of financial headaches.

Our special guest will be Greg McBride. I've known Greg for over a decade and he's one of the smartest financial guys I know. I'll never forget a conversation he and I in a hotel lobby at a conference back in 2001. We were discussing all the new types of mortgages that were being created at the time. We joked about putting all the worst elements into one morgage (0% down, 125% mortgages, no doc mortgages, variable rate, 5 year balloons, etc). We also talked about how those mortgages would blow up sooner or later. And how we had a responsibility to warn people of the risks.

At the time I thought that only the bankers and homeowners with those mortgages would be hurt. Turns out I was wrong. Many of us who didn't have those mortgages got hurt, too. Regardless, Greg is definitely someone that you want to get financial advice from.

We'll also be joined by other personal finance bloggers and experts. Our sponsor is Jordan Goodman, a well known financial author. We'll be giving away his new book "Master Your Debt".

The chat will be held on Weds 1/18 at 3pm EST. You can follow us on Twitter using #DlrChat or go to the chatroom <http://tweetchat.com/room/dlrchat>. Please take a moment to RSVP for the chat here.

BTW, for those of you not familiar with TweetChats, if you can't make the chat when it's actually happening, you can still read it after here.

Keep on Stretching those Dollars!



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