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Yikes, Mice!

Mice can be a real problem no matter where you live, but if you live in the country, they're almost guaranteed to try to get into your home, barn and grain storage in the fall of the year. What attracts them? Shelter from the cold and food. You can do nothing about the shelter aspect, but you can do something about the food and you can make it harder for them to access your home.

Bushes, tall grass and other hiding places near the foundation or doors of your home make a perfect entry for mice. They can squeeze through very small cracks because their skeleton, including their skull, can fold in a way to make them almost flat, so check around the foundations for cracks and make sure your doors fit snugly.

If they do manage to enter, make the inside of your home as inhospitable as possible. Keep crumbs swept up and floors mopped, counters clean, things like bread, chips and cereal put away in high cabinets or in the refrigerator if you don't have cabinet space. Pet food and bird seed need to be kept in metal or glass containers because mice can chew right through the heaviest plastic. When you feed your pets, remove the food dish as soon as they have finished eating. Water dishes need to be removed, too, but don't forget to offer your pet water throughout the day.

Mice can climb up electric cords, drapery cords and the drapes themselves. They can jump straight up to about a foot, an amazing height considering their size. If there is anything they can use, they will land on chairs and couches. Be sure to vacuum underneath cushions often, even if your family doesn't have the habit of eating in the living room or den.

On the outside, move bird and squirrel feeders away from the house and keep storage sheds clutter free. In the garage, keep things up off the floor, especially in corners, to keep mice from hiding and nesting there. Trash bins should be tightly closed all the time.

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Published Nov 15 2013, 09:59 AM by Pat


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