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Slow Cooking for Convenience

Slow cooking isn't a modern invention, by any means.

The slow cooker is the modern world's answer to the back of Grandma's wood cookstove, where food simmered all day and a delicious meal came forth like magic. In Grandma's day, this kind of slow cooking was only useful in the winter, when the heat from the stove was welcome. When hot days came, meals were cooked quickly on top of the stove and the fire died out between meals - that is, when it wasn't baking day. Then longer cooking dishes took advantage of the already hot stove. Beans were a popular meal on those days, with a quick pan of cornbread and maybe some wild greens.

If you have a slow cooker, you can use it year around and don't have to wait until baking day or winter time. When it's hot, it's easy to make meat for sandwiches and lighter fare with a minimum of fuss in the kitchen.

Cook up a chicken in the crockpot while you're garage saling or walking on the beach or otherwise enjoying the summer. When the chicken is done, cut or pull the meat off the bones and there you have the makings of some awesome chicken sandwiches just like it is. Use part of it to make chicken salad and/or add barbecue sauce for a different kind of sandwich.

Do the same with a beef roast. A cheap cut will yield tender, tasty sandwich meat to be served with horseradish on rye. Or again add barbecue sauce, or just serve it cold with a salad and a vegetable. Other meats that do well are corned beef (left from St. Patrick's Day sales) and ham.

If you don't use your slow cooker as much as you could, maybe some real recipes will help:
Inexpensive Crock-Pot(r) Slow Cooker Recipes

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My take on articles and ideas presented on Dollar Stretcher.
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