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The Cost of Using a Dryer

Are you still drying all your laundry with a clothes dryer? If you're serious about saving money, here is one place you can cut back easily.

A typical electric dryer uses about 4.4 kilowatts in one hour. Simply multiply that by the cost of a kilowatt hour of electricity in your area. It's 7.8 cents here, so I multiply and get 34.32 - 34 and a third cents every time the dryer runs an hour. How many hours do you use your dryer per week? Multiply that times your cost of kilowatt hours. Mine typically runs an hour or less per week, so I'm paying an extra $1.37 and a quarter of a penny each month to use the dryer. My use is far from typical, so do your own math. 

Now, this is per hour, not per load. Most loads of laundry don't take an hour to dry, although some can and some will take even longer. To figure your average cost of drying clothes (not including the cost of the dryer and any repairs, etc.), you'll have to pay attention to the actual amount of time the dryer is on. Try it a couple of weeks and see what it's costing. You might decide that hanging clothes to dry is worth the trouble.

I'm not adding in the cost of wear and tear on your clothes from being tumbled in a dryer and the extra stain remover and bleaching agents you'll need to keep them looking good and I'm not considering health benefits from a little activity and fresh air!

Hanging laundry

The cost of using your dryer

How much does electricity cost?

How much do you save by line-drying?

Drying clothes on a clothesline


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