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My take on articles and ideas presented on Dollar Stretcher.

How and Why to Save Wrapping Paper

 I don't go to after Christmas sales in search of wrapping paper and bows. It would be a waste of money because new paper and ribbons are not necessary.  When Christmas morning comes, everyone knows to unwrap gifts carefully, saving as much wrapping paper as possible. It's all tossed into a box to be sorted out later. Ribbons and bows are nearly always reused. 

If you don't think this saves money, consider this. I wrapped gifts yesterday in paper that I brought with me when I moved here nearly 12 years ago. It was unused, still on the roll. I have a lot of wrapping paper like that. It just might last until I die. 

I reuse paper and no, it doesn't look used at all. How? Well, first cut off damaged areas, paying close attention to edges and taped parts. When you have a piece of wrapping paper that's trimmed but still has creases or wrinkles, iron it on a low setting. Store it on a cardboard tube just like new paper comes on. Cut strips from plastic bags to tie around the wrapping paper in several places to keep it safely on the cardboard tube. 

It takes just a few minutes but it can save you more than just a few dollars. 

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