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My take on articles and ideas presented on Dollar Stretcher.

Beat High Gas Prices

 At the risk of dating myself, I'm going to admit to remembering when gas went to a dollar a gallon. It was awful. A lot of kids couldn't afford to "drag main" any more and still more were unable to come up with gas money and a fast food snack too before the drive in movie.

Yup... I said I would date myself. There were tough times back then just like there are tough times now. Some of us feel it more than others, but we're all aware that money is becoming harder to make and easier to spend.

The price of gas is just one example of how quickly money flows out of our hands.

Finding ways to slow it down just a little can become at least a part time job, but the savings will almost equal a part time income if you're thorough with it.

Drive gently, keep your tires aired up, keep your vehicle in good running condition, comparison shop gas, don't buy gas with a higher octane level than your vehicle needs...

The one thing that will save more money than all the others combined? Quit driving so much. If you feel the urge to run to the store for some ice cream, have a cold chocolate milk instead. If you want to go rent some movies, find something online to watch. If you need to go buy groceries, take turns with your neighbors or kids in supplying transportation for all. Walk, ride a bike, take the bus.

If you can cut your mileage enough, the chances are that you can save money on your insurance, too. It's worth a try.

What will you do if gas goes to 4 or 5 dollars per gallon or more?
What to Do Before Gas Hits $5

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My take on articles and ideas presented on Dollar Stretcher.
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