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My take on articles and ideas presented on Dollar Stretcher.

February 2012 - Posts

  • The Way They Used To...

     I'm fascinated by "the way they used to do things." What do you call that? I don't think it's nostalgia, although it could be touched with it. I enjoy the challenge of doing things the hard way, somewhat similar to some preppers. Whatever it is, it's fun.

    Food is one area where doing it the old way can save a ton of money. For instance, a recipe I found for "mock oysters" came about during the Depression and uses grated corn for the main ingredient. Where I live, that's a lot cheaper than oysters and probably healthier, too!

    Other ways to cut food costs "the way they used to" is to make sourdough starter (then use it!), eat bean and pea leaves, sweet potato vines (after you eat the potatoes!) dandelions and other wild food and make drinks from grains, roots and leaves.

    Although it can take some research, it's a fun way to pare down your grocery bill and enjoy some foods and drinks you may have never thought about.

    How to Make Sourdough Starter
    Making Homemade Yogurt
    Pudding Pointers (Make your own pudding)
    Whole Grain Meals in Minutes for Pennies

  • A Little Sunshine

    Have you ever walked into a room or out onto the sidewalk and been suddenly struck with how different things look in the bright sunshine? Well, maybe it was because we've had such cloudy weather here for days and days and days. A little snow, but mostly clouds. It gets tiresome and it makes our minds dull after awhile.

    I started into the kitchen when a bright ray of sunshine appeared and changed my whole perspective. My kitchen isn't fancy by any means, but it suits me. I don't think too much about it, but suddenly, I was proud of the homey look. The sunshine coming through the window set it off just right. 

    You're saying, "What's frugal about that?" Come on.. what isn't frugal about it?  Sunshine is free and it's a mood lifter in these wintry months. Who couldn't use a mood lifter now and then? 

    Cabin Fever
    Frugal Ways to Beat the Winter Blahs

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  • Emergency Funds for Things That Won't Happen to You

    Not gonna happen to you, huh? It wasn't gonna happen to me, either. 

    But it did. 

    Major health problems hit early last spring. Surgery and treatments afterward cost money. A lot of money. Thank heavens for health insurance, but even at that, I was responsible for thousands of dollars out of pocket. Then my car broke down. 

    What was I thankful for? An emergency fund and extra savings that were easy to get to. I had resisted putting money into funds that would take weeks to access, not because I'm so smart, but because I'm hard headed. Lucky, some call it. 

    I know it won't happen to you.... but just in case, you might want to take another look at your financial backup plans. Make sure you can get to the money immediately. Emergency savings can be critical to your survival when you really need them. It may not be as drastic a situation as I had last year, but a refrigerator that quits working needs to be replaced now, not next week. 

    Don't depend on credit cards to fill in the time gap because they have a way of getting away from you. Even if you determine that you'll pay them off as soon as your money comes in, things happen. 

    Do depend on your emergency savings. That's why you're putting money in there, to use when you need it. 

    Believe me, you'll be glad you took the easy, direct way of handling a financial emergency. 

    Financial Emergencies
    Emergency Funds
    Creating an Emergency Fund

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