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My take on articles and ideas presented on Dollar Stretcher.

January 2012 - Posts

  • Gardening fever

     Got the gardening fever yet? You know, when you start staring out the window or walking around the back yard or garden, silently willing things to start turning green? When the seed catalogs stay on the table days on end and the seed stash is sorted and resorted...

    Not everyone does, I know, but I get gardening fever along this time of year every year. Every garden is going to be better than the garden last year.

    It's almost time to start seeds indoors in much of the nation and time to start seeds outdoors in other areas. I can hardly wait! It has something to do with being frugal and something to do with being self sufficient and something to do with being a country girl at heart.

    I love to dig into the soil in the spring and see it turn over, rich and moist and just waiting to give life to sleeping seeds. It's a miracle, no matter what science says about it.

    Want to plan a garden?  
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    Farmer's markets

  • LIttle Houses and Other Things

     Have you ever read the "Little House on the Prairie" books? I read the whole series now and then. Families used to live in houses that were in today's standards, very, very small. The Ingalls family of five lived in one room at times, hanging sheets to separate the bedroom from the living area, which included everything else. I don't know the dimensions of these homes but there are little houses being built and marketed today that are not much bigger.The only difference is that they're built with modern conveniences in mind. That means that the kitchen sink takes up more room than a dishpan that hangs on the wall and it means that there needs to be room for an "entertainment center" of sorts, even if it's only a TV. You can't put that under the bed like you can a fiddle, or in a trunk like a book. 

    All right. Here's what I'm getting at. The simplest, smallest house of today is much more complicated and takes up more space for things.. No doubt it's more comfortable and much more suited to our lifestyles. The fact is that the more convenient things are and the more technology we use, the more it costs us, in time, in space and in money. Think about that the next time you begin to crave a new... whatever.

    You may not want to live in a dugout or a shanty, but living in a house that's too large or having two cars when one would do, might not be the smartest way to use your money and your space on this earth. 

    Interested in smaller living? 

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  • Start on Christmas 2012??

    No, no, no....I love Christmas. I soak it all in, from the glitzy decorations to the solemn carols and from the eggnog to the fudge. The lights, the sounds, the smells... but I don't want to think about it ALL the time. When it's over, it's over. Okay, so I draw it out - I just took down the tree today. I might even listen to Christmas music in the heat of the summer and I often pick up a good deal or two 'way ahead of time for next Christmas. 

    But do I start planning for next Christmas already? No way. For me, it would be stressful, like a never ending chore. Christmas is over and while I enoy it, I'm glad to move on. We're in recovery now. The sun shines a little longer each day and I'm dreaming over seed catalogs and wondering if it would be smart to plant okra in the new raised bed this year. 

    For those of you who are thinking farther ahead than I am, there's a thread on the forums called "Christmas 2012." Okay, they're talking about the great after Christmas deals and how you can buy now and forget about it until next year. Not a bad idea, even if the seed catalogs are calling my name. 

    To each his/her own and I guess if you like good deals... Big Smile 

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