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My take on articles and ideas presented on Dollar Stretcher.

May 2011 - Posts

  • Remembering the Seasons

     I remember when.... yeah, I'm that old. And I DO remember when. We used to eat greens (wild) and lettuce and radishes only in the spring. Summertime would find us enjoying melons and a wild assortment of fresh vegetables.  Fall was for potatoes and the end of the garden relishes and salads. Winter was for apples and winter squash and nuts.

    Of course, Mom canned the garden produce and we put away other things for the winter, but the best eating was what we had when it was in season.

    The only time we ate turkey was at Thanksgiving and sometimes at Christmas. Ham was for Christmas and Easter. Chicken was eaten mainly in the summer, when the weather made it easier to kill and pluck them. Didn't you ever wonder why fried chicken was the dish of choice for church socials and summer picnics?

    They're so much better when you know you won't have them again for a long time. Eating seasonally makes food something to savor and enjoy consciously, rather than shovel it in mindlessly while thinking of something else. Fried chicken?

    Yeah... I do remember. 

     Pamela Parks' article called Seasonal Eating was the inspiration for this post, if you're wondering. If you haven't read it yet, go ahead. I suspect there are some things you remember, too. 

  • Save on Gas

    With summer coming on quickly and the price of gas still somewhere up there in the clouds, Gary's article this week is especially appropriate:
    You Can Save 10% on Gas

    Even with all of the good advice he gave, you know I just have to add mine: Don't drive as much. You know what I mean. Quit running downtown on a whim. Plan shopping trips to cover it all instead of going several times in one week. If you're out and about, run errands that can be done nearby.

    Carpool if you can. Take the bus. Walk or bicycle. If you have a motorcycle, use it instead of the car when you can.

    Get your neighbors together and plan some excursions using only one car instead of multiple ones. If their kids are in the same activities, take turns taking them.

    Get serious about saving gas and you really can. Put all of the advice you can get into practice and challenge yourself to use as little gas as possible. You might be surprised. 

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My take on articles and ideas presented on Dollar Stretcher.
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