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My take on articles and ideas presented on Dollar Stretcher.

December 2010 - Posts

  • Between Christmas and the New Year

    This week is different from every other week in the year. We're between Christmas and New Year's Day. The hustle and bustle, hurrying and scurrying, buying and hiding are over, the turkey or ham means "oh, no... leftovers again" instead of "Yummm, I can hardly wait to eat." Our gifts have been admired and even tried, but most of them have been put away. Thank yous have been sent, wrapping has been sorted or taken to the trash.  We're tired and welcome the calm of getting back to a daily schedule.  But....

    There's this other holiday looming right ahead. Granted, some of us will celebrate it quietly in our own homes, but some of us will not. We will go to a party or have a party of our own to watch the New Year come in. Whether we greet it with champagne or decaf, celebrating with friends or watching TV or whether we simply sleep the time away, the next morning will seem like a new beginning. 

    Dollar Stretcher always encourages us to do things better, for ourselves and our families and our finances. Just before or at the beginning of the year, when resolutions and goals and plans are being made, wouldn't it be wise to take this advice to heart? As you plan for the coming year, use the Topical Index on the drop down menu at the top of Dollar Stretcher's home page to find the area that concerns you or where you want to make changes. Learn more about saving on utilities, deal with college expenses, do some tax planning or learn about homeschooling. Sew your own clothes, make your own personal care products, open a savings account, buy a new (or used) car, cook from scratch... it's all there.

    Dollar Stretcher has seen a lot of New Years and after all this time, there's an enormous library of information and good advice. Check it out. Get lost in it. Saturate yourself in it. You'll feel encouraged and inspired to make the coming year better than ever.

    Happy New Year!

  • A story of a story

    A long time ago in internet years, I owned and edited a site called "This Christian Life."  The first Christmas we were online, we were still fairly new and had limited content to choose from for our Christmas update. I had to go looking for free articles to fill in and in the process I ran across Gary Foreman's article called "A Christmas Story."

    It immediately appealed to me, first because of its content, but secondly because it was a surprise. I was familiar with Dollar Stretcher in a professional sort of way (it was my biggest competitor as the Guide to Frugal Living at About.com) but didn't know much Gary Foreman.  I was impressed that he would write a story like this, preface apology excepted. (A little wiser now concerning the internet culture, I can understand why the preface is needed.) 

    I had no idea that he would even answer me, but I emailed him with a request to republish the story on our site and within a couple of days had the permisssion. Of course, Gary doens't remember that. He must have made a bigger impression on me than I made on him!

    The story was one of our more popular pieces that year and I think that I thanked him but just in case I didn't, or even if I did... thanks, Gary.

    A Christmas Story


  • What? Another 'To-Do' List???

    'Fraid so. Or maybe it's just the old one, reborn. I think that's it. This list is called "Christmas Countdown Calendar" and it's guaranteed to help you not overlook any of the many details that need to be addressed during the season. From checking out your wrapping paper stash to scheduling appointments for photos, this to-do list will get you organized and that makes things a lot easier.

    I'm a list maker supreme. Just ask me about anything (almost) and I can come up with a list of "things" about it. i rely on lists to get me through every day chores and when it comes to the holidays, I'd be lost without my lists. The Christmas Countdown Calendar made that a lot simpler for me.

     I'm going to copy it off into a text editor and add and subtract to fit my own situation, then print it out. Of course, I think you'd be wise to do the same. Wink


  • Christmas and a little Dollar Stretcher gossip

    If you know me, you know that I'm a nut when it comes to Christmas. I love Christmas in all its forms, from devout to downright silly so of course, this week I zeroed right in on the Christmas themed articles on the Dollar Stretcher site. My favorite is Frugal Holiday Decorating. There are some great ideas there, but I want to add one more. If you don't have much money for decorating, don't buy anything at all, but look around your home and see what you have in the right colors. It doesn't have to be a "holiday" item. A red sweater? Cover a throw pillow with it using safety pins. Got a green pen? And a couple of pieces of red paper? Team them up! Look closely at the junk mail that comes in this time of year and you'll find pictures and patterns that you can cut out and tape to the wall, use to create a collage or scatter on a platter then fill it with pinecones or bits of (leftover) curly ribbon.

    Ok, I'm supposed to be talking about Dollar Stretcher here, so here are my other favorite articles this week:

    Christmas Gifts That Don't Cost a Dime Although it could have been titled "Christmas Activities that Don't Cost a Dime." (Well, this is a review, after all)
    Charming Animal Cracker Ornaments This leaves room for creativity, as all crafting ideas do!

    Gossip: The Dollar Stretcher office never gets snow. Never. How awful.

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My take on articles and ideas presented on Dollar Stretcher.
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