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The Dollar Stretcher Review

My take on articles and ideas presented on Dollar Stretcher.

November 2010 - Posts

  • The biggest problem with the Dollar Stretcher

    I kind of promised that I'd sound off about Dollar Stretcher, didn't I? Okay, I'm ready. Here goes. Ready? Let's to do it then.

    You know what the biggest problem with Dollar Stretcher is? This may sound strange, but I'll say it anyway. It has too much content! Really. I get lost going from page to page. It's worse than surfing the web because when I wear out surfing the web, I know I won't have a clue where I started or why. With the Dollar Stretcher site, I always go there with something specific in mind, then I kind of get lost wandering around after everything else that's related. Or only related slightly. Or not related at all.

     Just look at the front page. Scroll... a l l  t h e  w a y  d o w n. There. Now, I dare you to follow one thought through without getting sidetracked. 


  • Prior planning prevents... what?

    I can't remember the rest of it! Anyway, the idea I'm stuck on today is that planning helps save money. That's simple, isn't it? It works as effectively as any other frugal ploy.

    When we take time to look ahead and plan for upcoming events, we can find ways to control expenses. You know, of course, that I'm talking about the quickly upcoming holidays.

    It's almost too late to plan for Thanksgiving, but here's an idea that might help: Make-Ahead Turkey. When I first read it, it didn't strike me as traditional, but then... well, read it and make up your own mind. It really would save a lot of time, which is great when you're having guests..

    Another great plan ahead idea for Thanksgiving - or right after Thanksgiving, rather, is having some Thanksgiving leftover recipes in mind. .

    Which brings up another question. Why do we always buy turkeys that are far too large for a meal?

    I always say that it's because I love turkey and want a lot of leftovers, but there's another reason. It's because I'm lazy. After cooking a big meal (which I enjoy doing, by the way) I don't want to cook for awhile. Turkey sandwiches and quick turkey soup does me just fine for days.


  • Reviewing the preview

    One of the things I get to do here at Dollar Stretcher is preview the articles for the coming week. Next week has some super good ideas about this Christmas thing that's creeping up on us. I'm not giving away any secrets, but watch for the newsletter Sunday.

    You haven't signed up??? OK...  you still have time. Go here: Subscribe to the Dollar Stretcher Newsletters. Scroll down and take a good look because there are several. They're free, of course and you won't get any spam like some other newsletters you've probably signed up for.( Just sayin'.)

    We're talking frugal but cool gift ideas, of course, some even under $5.00. There will be more coming the closer we get to Christmas, but now's the time to start preparing if you haven't already. Otherwise, the holidays are going to cost you.

  • Hello, World! (at least a part of it)


    As you can probably figure out, this is a new blog on the Dollar Stretcher Community. As the title implies, I have opinions about the Dollar Stretcher site and everything about it. Gary is a brave person for allowing me a voice here, but here I am and he's not stopping me (yet), so here we go.

    There couldn't have been a better time to start this, with the holidays coming up. There are so many ideas and recipes and excitement about the holidays right now that it's hard to choose which ideas are the most interesting. I finally narrowed it down to Erin Huffstetler's "Cheap Stocking Stuffers" mainly because she's almost as cheap... I mean, frugal, as I am. Almost, mind you. I think the first idea is my favorite, but the others are good, too.

    If you're thinking Christmas, click on the "Holidays" button on the left hand side. Wow. Lots of ideas.

    Every Christmas, the concept of basket or container gifts comes up. This year, it's with a little twist. Dollar Stretcher received a request for ideas for a fund raiser basket. They're talking about it in the forum here: Ideas for a Basket Filler  If you're thinking about doing a basket or two, there are some great ideas there and if you have an idea not mentioned before, please add it to the conversation.

    So, what's my opinion this time? Since this is the first post, maybe I'd better hold off. I don't want to be shut down right away! Big Smile

    Stay tuned...


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My take on articles and ideas presented on Dollar Stretcher.
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