March 2012 - Posts - Name Brand vs. Store Brand: Putting them to the Test
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Name Brand vs. Store Brand: Putting them to the Test

March 2012 - Posts

  • Laundry Tips that Save Money

     I use a foil ball instead of dryer sheets to keep static from clothes.  It works pretty well.  I also use half as much detergent as they suggest so the laundry soap lasts longer.  What ideas do you have to save money on laundry?

  • $25 Two Week Challege - Join if you want

     I am only spending $25 per week for the next two weeks.  I had a friend who had an unexpected expense come up and her husband will give her $100 if she can do this challenge.  So, I am doing it with her to support her in her efforts.  I can use anything I have in the house already, so it should be pretty easy.  I do miss buying some things I want for the family, but two weeks isn't that long.  What are some things you do to save money that I could share with her?  Would you like to join me?

  • What Things do you do to Save Money and Live a Greener lifestyle?

     We have tried to do several things to cut down our waste and live a greener, more frugal life.  I am sending things in containers for lunches instead of using a few plastic bags for each person each day.  We use lunch boxes instead of bags.  We eat our leftovers and don't waste food.  I am buying less and using what I already have.  We are using the library for books instead of buying them.  We buy songs from the internet instead of buying CD's and then recycling them or having them become clutter in our home.  What kinds of things are you doing that save money and help you live a greener life style?

  • How Do You Handle An Unexpected Expense?

     If you had an unexpected expense, where would you cut back to get the money?  Do you have an Emergency savings?  

  • Green Food for St. Patrick's Day

    My daughter has a birthday on St. Patrick's Day.  Every year we start the day with green pancakes.  This year we are making Yoda pancakes with a Star Wars mold.  Sometimes we have had green shamrock cookies or other sugar cookies with green frosting or green dough.  One year in college, I made green chicken stew, but won't make that again!  One year we had green eggs and ham.  Do you make any green food on St. Patrick's Day?

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