December 2011 - Posts - Name Brand vs. Store Brand: Putting them to the Test
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Name Brand vs. Store Brand: Putting them to the Test

December 2011 - Posts

  • Debt Free Christmas - Were You Successful?

     Another year of making it through Christmas without any debt.  How did you do?  What would you do differently next year? 

  • Live Tree vs. Artificial Tree

     Do you have a live tree or an artificial tree?  Which do you like best?  Which do you think is cheaper? 

  • HELP! Fresh Yeast vs. Dry Yeast

     Has anyone had experience with fresh yeast?  I have always used dry yeast and tried fresh for the first time.  It's smell was SO strong, but it rose quicker.  I would appreciate any help you can give me about cooking with it, etc.  Thanks!

  • Name Brand vs. Store Brand: Pudding

     We tested three brands of pudding- Jello, Kroger, and Great Value. Here is the price breakdown:

    • Jello: $0.99
    • Kroger: $0.69
    • Great Value: $0.59

    We found Kroger to be the most flavorful, Jello had the best texture, and Wal-mart was just an average tasting and textured pudding. But, before you decide on a specific brand, read on!

    The final verdict? The differences we detected were not enough to make a difference! Go with the cheapest option, whether it is Jello on sale or one of the others. If you are a big texture person, I might recommend going with Jello, but even my picky-texture eating husband said he'd eat any of the three!

    One of my favorite things to do with pudding is to make a trifle dessert with pound cake, fresh fruit and pudding. It's not only a pretty dessert, it is so tasty!"  It would be perfect for any holiday party!

  • Name Brand vs. Store Brand: Saltine Crackers


    Price Analysis
    Great Value
    Taste Results
    Similar: Great Value, Homekist, and Premium
    Worst: Zesta
    Overall Opinion
    There wasn’t much of a difference between Great Value, Homekist, and Premium. Zesta was by far the least tasty—it was bland. The Premium saltines were by far the darkest, and had a bit of a crispy taste, but it was really hard to discern between them and the others based on taste. The conclusion: definitely buy the store brand saltines. The taste difference is negligible, and you’ll save quite a bit.

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