November 2011 - Posts - Name Brand vs. Store Brand: Putting them to the Test
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Name Brand vs. Store Brand: Putting them to the Test

November 2011 - Posts

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  • Name Brand vs. Store Brand: Green Beans & Rice

    There was not a specific brand that was preferred for the beans or the rice.  Different people liked different brands.  It was all over the board.  I will just give prices and you can decide if you want to try the store brand or not for yourself.  Most store brands have a money back guarantee so you really don't lose anything if you don't like it.  Just take it back and get your money refunded if you don't like them.  


    Green Beans:

    Great Value   68 cents

    IGA bought on sale for 25 cents, but probably about 69-79 cents regularly

    Green Giant   82 cents 

    Del Monte   98 cents



    Uncle Ben's parboiled  $1.38 per pound

    Mahatma parboiled   $1.29  per pound

    Great Value   84 cents per pound

    The Great Value rice didn't seem to stick together as well, but it may be because it was made last and the others had time to cool down.

  • Name Brand vs. Store Brand: Vanilla Ice Cream

    Price Analysis
    Size (L)
    Blue Bunny
    Great Value
    First Impressions
    Most of the impressions were based on packaging. The Great Value cardboard packaging is somewhat messy to deal with. The Blue Bunny was by far the best packaged—the lid snapped tightly onto the top, and the container was sturdy. The Edy’s container didn’t seal nearly as convincingly.
    Taste Results
    These were debated based on the two opinions used for this analysis.
    Taster #1
    Taster #2
    Great Value
    Blue Bunny
    Blue Bunny
    Great Value
    Taster #1 liked Great Value best because it felt like the flavor lasted longer in your mouth. Taster #2 liked Blue Bunny best because it was the sweetest, and Great Value was not nearly sweet enough. Edys had good texture, but its flavor was not as good as Blue Bunny.
    Melting Test
    Great Value melted far more quickly than the other two (shown in the middle). The second most “melty” ice cream was Blue Bunny, and Edys held its frozen form the best. In the picture below, the Edys on the right looks second-most melty, but that’s because the melted Great Value ice cream had run into it.


  • Name Brand vs. Store Brand: Honey Nut Cheerios


    Price Analysis
    Size (oz.)
    Honey Nut Cheerios
    2.50 (sale)

    4.19 (regular)
    Great Value: Honey Nut Spins
    Malt-O-Meal: Honey Nut Scooters
    Kroger: Honey Nut Toasted Oats
    First Impressions
    On first glance, the Honey Nut Cheerios and Malt-O-Meal cereal looked the best. The real Honey Nuts looked more sugary and shiny than the Malt-O-Meal. The Kroger cereal lacked color and the Great Value one looked too “airy”—not nearly dense enough to be a good cereal.
    Taste Results
    1st: Honey Nut Cheerios—A very significant difference between these and all the others—absolutely no question that they were the best
    2nd: Malt-O-Meal—Tasted pretty good, but just didn’t have quite the flavor of the real thing
    3rd: Kroger—Quite bland; could hardly taste the honey and nut flavors
    4th: Great Value—Taste was off and rather weird; didn’t taste at all like honey
    All 4 got soggy pretty quickly, but the Kroger and Great Value did so faster. Malt-O-Meal actually held up the best, just a little better than the name brand.
    Overall Opinion
    In this case, there really is no substitute for the name brand. And, as the price analysis shows, if you can get it on sale, it’s actually cheaper or the same price as the other brands. Our recommendation would be to watch carefully to find Honey Nut Cheerios on sale, but if you can’t wait for that, then get the Malt-O-Meal version.

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