Name Brand vs. Store Brand: Chocolate Milk - Name Brand vs. Store Brand: Putting them to the Test
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Name Brand vs. Store Brand: Putting them to the Test

Name Brand vs. Store Brand: Chocolate Milk


Before my son went off to college, I told him he could choose something for me to compare.  Since he loves chocolate milk, that is what he chose.  We got a little carried away with the number of brands that we tried.  You can see that some of the milks are different shades of brown.  We were able to eliminate the worst ones right off the bat:  Smith's and Great Value were awful compared to the rest.  


Great Value  $3.64 for six 8 oz. bottles    (7.58 per ounce)

Hershey's  1.39 for 12 oz.    (11.58 per ounce)

Nestle's  1.59 for 16 oz.   (9.94 per ounce)

Albertson's   1.39 for 12 oz.   (11.58 per ounce)

Viva   1.29 for 16 oz.    (8.06 per ounce)

Darigold   1.39   for 16 oz.  (8.69 per ounce)

Meadow Gold   1.79   for 32 oz.   (5.59 per ounce)

Smith's   2.19 for 64 oz.   (3.42 per ounce)

Organic Valley   2.39  for 32 oz.  (7.47 per ounce)

Results:  We put them into 4 different catagories according to taste.  Organic Valley and Darigold were the best.  Next came Meadow Gold and Nesquick.  Albertson's, Hershey's and Viva were in the next group.  Last awful were Smith's and Great Value and they were awful.  Hershey's was really, really sweet and Viva was 1 percent, so that is probably why it didn't do as well as the Low fat ones. 

What is your favorite chocolate milk?  



Cheryl said:

We don't eat much dairy, but since you asked, on special occasions when we want some hot cocoa I get unsweetened chocolate soy milk and add some sweetner to it. It's actually pretty good. It doesn't taste like real milk cocoa but really hits that craving and doesnt leave hubby congested the way dairy does.

I love that you do this for us, Spendwise Mom. Thanks :)

June 24, 2011 6:03 PM

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