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Good to the Last Drop

This past summer, J and I were visiting some family when our hostess washed out a virtually empty bottle of ketchup in full view of another family member who had lived through the Great Depression. The waste of a good 1/32nd of a cup of perfectly usable ketchup was clearly distressing to our elderly relative. (This was the same relative who refused our offer to take her out to breakfast as a treat because she didn't eat breakfast out. She seemed almost angry at us for suggesting such a thing).

I was thinking of the ketchup-wasting incident the other day when I brought home our new shampoo and conditioner. In the last six months or so, I've decided that I"m a grown up and I can start actually buying hair products that work to make my hair shiny (which, I am ashamed to admit, is a life goal of mine), rather than purchase the $1 per bottle scented water I've been making do with for the majority of my adult life.

Enter industrial-sized bottles of good-quality hair products--industrial-sized because the stuff is cheaper that way. These monoliths of hair care are the kinds of bottles with pump-tops.

Thinking back on our relative's distress over the waste of ketchup (which is far less expensive per ounce than my shampoo), I decided to try the old upend the old bottle onto the top of the new bottle trick in order to ensure I was not wasting a single drop of my shine-inducing product. Because of course the pump tops were physically incapable of getting the last of the shampoo out of the bottles.

I think the companies in charge of producing these products are onto that trick, however, because these bottles were simply incapable of balancing upon each other. The result was what J described as A Muppet Crime Scene:

(More specifically, J told me that if I was going to be murdering muppets in our bathroom, then it was my job to clean up afterwards.)

Somehow, frugality can be more difficult when you're married to a wiseacre.

Despite the fact that this would be the least wasteful course of action, I decided not to clean up the bright blue spill by wetting my hair, rolling it around in the spilled Muppet blood, lathering, rinsing, and repeating.

There is a frugality line, and rolling around in a Muppet crime scene is most definitely on the other side of it.

(That, and there's no telling how much J would make fun of me.)



haverwench said:

I generally avoid pump-top bottles just because it's so hard to get all the product out. (With a pump, it's way more than a few drops that get wasted.) However, if I have to use them, what I'll do when the level gets low is take the pump top off and tip the bottle right into my hand. Granted, this often gives me a bigger dose than I actually wanted, but it's better than not getting the stuff out at all.

April 30, 2014 10:12 AM

bobi said:

A funnel works great. You can even make one by cutting the top off of another bottle that fits. As for balancing, just prop against a wall or the side of the sink and let sit until bottle empties. I do this all the time and yes, I learned this the hard way.

April 30, 2014 7:21 PM

Emily Guy Birken said:

A funnel! A funnel! How did that NEVER occur to me? Thank you!

May 1, 2014 9:27 AM

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