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I Have Discovered the Secret to an Organized Kitchen

I feel like someone on an infomercial.

You know how infomercials show you just how hard the lives are of the poor, beleaguered shmoes without Product Shiny to simplify things? And then once they have been given Product Shiny, those shmoes start smiling the crazy-eyed smile and telling the audience "It's so simple!"

Yeah, it's been like that.

You see, I've been trying to keep an organized Tupperware/Gladware/plastic storage container cabinet for pretty much all of my adult life. I would estimate that I have wasted nigh on 7 or 8 years of my life total in attempting to find a matching storage container bottom and top. Not to mention the avalanche of too many containers that would fall down upon me anytime I opened my Tupperware/Gladware/plastic storage container cabinet because I kept buying more in an attempt to ensure that I could always find clean and matching bottoms and tops.

Recently, I decided that I was done with that way of life.

I decided to start storing my storage containers with the tops attached!

Yes, I had to cull the herd before starting this revolutionary new way of life. BUT...now that I can always find the top and the bottom without wasting twenty minutes searching through scads of Tupperware, I find I need much less in the way of food containment compared to my pre-organized life.

An added bonus, now that I am no longer attempting to nest my Tupperware, is the fact that it really doesn't matter if my Tupperware is organized by size or not. It all fits in the cabinet, and we have enough for our needs.

And so, just like the crazy-eyed "after" participants in informcials, I am shouting my newfound truth to the world. It's really that simple! Why on earth did it take me 35 years to figure this out?

Do you have a "why didn't I think of that?" solution that you have been using at home? Please share in the comments!



haverwench said:

We went another way with storage containers and got two sets  of Rubbermaid glass ones, plus extras of the two medium sizes. Now the only lids we have to deal with are little, not so little, big, and really big, which are all easy to tell apart at a glance. Every lid of a given size will fit on a container of the same size. And we can still stack them!

What we really need now is a way to organize all our pots and pans, which don't stack nearly so neatly, and which won't fit in the cabinets if they aren't stacked. Maybe a bunch of really narrow individual cubbies?

April 22, 2014 9:43 AM

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