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Saying No to Jimmy Fallon

You may remember the commercial last year starring Jimmy Fallon and an adorable baby girl who did not want 50% more cash back from her credit card.

The tiny child had mastered both the word NO and the ability to throw cheerios and a guitar (although those last two might have been aided by special effects).

For quite some time, my dad has been saying that LO really ought to be on those commercials, as he's just as cute as the nationally televised baby. (Granted, Grandpa might be a tad biased).

Recently, LO has shown that he has learned a new trick which will also be helpful when the credit card commerical casting director comes calling:

Namely and to wit, LO has started saying NO to things that should elicit assent. (This is hardly revolutionary for a toddler, but it's still surprising the first few times you hear it.)

Yesterday, my mother called and asked to speak to LO. LO does not really talk on the phone, prefering to listen intently while grinning. But when Mom asked him if he wanted to go to Disney World and meet Mickey Mouse, his response was unequivocal:

"NO!" he said, and he handed the phone back to me.

I told my mother not to worry. LO was just getting ready for his closeup.

Published Jan 17 2013, 05:54 PM by Emily Guy Birken
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