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Aspiring Mensch "Mints" $10,000 Coin

If you haven't heard the newest silliness coming from Washington, apparently there's a serious movement afoot to have the U.S. Mint mint a trillion dollar platinum coin in order to avoid dealing with the debt ceiling. Apparently, even the guy who came up with this idea (apparently as a joke) thinks it's ridiculous.

I, however, see this as an opportunity. Why don't we all just start minting our own outlandishly large coinage. (Yes, yes, I know that it's technically "illegal" in the sense that it's a federal offense and you could go to prison for the rest of your life, blah blah. Just hear me out).

I'm thinking that if the government can mint trillion dollar coins in order to get out of an uncomfortable situation that it created for itself, who is to say that the rest of us can't get ourselves out of equally sticky self-imposed inconveniences.

So, to that end, I present my digital $10,000 coin.

Looks super official, doesn't it?

I'm thinking this bad boy would come in super handy in paying off my student loan or depositing in LO's 529 account.

Too bad minting fake money doesn't really solve the underlying problems that drove you to such ridiculous measures in the first place.



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