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The Stupid Tax and Meter Karma

Last night was our final night in Pittsburgh. After a rousing day of wandering around Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpiece Falling Water, J and I were in the mood to check out a Pittsburgh institution, Wholey's Fish Market.

We were unaware, when we started off for our ill-fated dinner, that the Wholey's institution included an enormous wholesale warehouse along with the lunch counter/fish market that we were looking for. In addition, we did not discover until too late that the fish sandwiches are not available for dinner.

So, when we saw an enormous building at nearly the right address with a giant neon fish emblazoned with the word Wholey's, we got excited and wantonly parked on the street in preparation for our delicious meal.

Upon parking, we discovered that Pittsburgh has installed some truly cutting edge parking meters. These bad boys simply asked for our license plate number and the moola. We didn't even have to place a ticket on our dash board.

Five minutes later, after having walked all the way around the enormous warehouse bearing Wholey's name, it became clear that we were in the wrong place. We asked a gentleman getting into his car where we had gone wrong, and he told us the place we were looking for was down the road--far enough that it was a bad idea for us to walk.

As we got back into our car, I lamented the misused meter money (which wasn't that much, but it was the principle of the thing). J remarked that it was just a little bit of stupid tax.

Then it hit him that Pittsburgh was quite smart in installing these new-fangled meters. Since the money we spent was only for a car with our particular license plate, there was no way that we could leave a little parking meter karma behind for the next luckless parker.

Much as I truly enjoyed visiting Pittsburgh, the thwarting of our meter karma does make me go "Humph!" (Although, to be honest, it's really a smart plan for the city's coffers. I'd probably appreciate the meters if I lived there and were paying local taxes).

J and I eventually found the restaurant and discovered that we would have to come back for lunch today. (Which we did. It was delicious. I'm still scratching my belly.) Thankfully, we had a lovely dinner elsewhere that had some unmetered parking spaces right in front of it.

I'm hoping my meter karma hasn't taken too much of a hit.


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