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Gorilla Glass, My Foot


Photo courtesy of Sashataylor

Last year, my parents were generous enough to give me and J an iPad for Chanukah.

I had been drooling over this particular gadget almost as soon as it had launched, despite Steve Jobs's poor choice of name for it.

J and I could not have been more thrilled with our gift, and we were quickly having multiple Rocks-Scissors-Paper tournaments each day to determine who got to play with it next. We learned the joy that is Angry Birds. It was suddenly possible for us to be connected wherever we went. It was glorious.

Then, in February, tragedy struck. I managed to drop the iPad face down onto pavement. The results looked much like the above picture.

I was sick about it. How could I have treated this much-appreciated gift so cavalierly?

The news got worse when I contacted Apple and discovered that it would cost nearly the price of the tablet just to get the glass fixed.

J, of course, came to the rescue. (As he likes to say, "The man with tools wins!") He did some research on some Mac Fan Boy message boards and discovered that it's quite easy for a mechanically inclined engineering type to replace the glass on an iPad. We just needed to buy the new glass, some new adhesive strips, and a prying tool.

In short order, J had fixed our iPad to be as good as new. (In point of fact, he actually broke the first replacement glass while placing it on the device, which made me feel much better about having broken the original glass. After ordering a third glass screen [that is, the second replacement screen], in short order, J had fixed our iPad to be as good as new.)

We also purchased an iPad case. Sadly, it was the kind of case that you have to take OFF of the iPad in order to use said iPad.

Even so, the third screen lasted nearly six months before it was broken. This time by LO. The child pushed the (case-less) iPad off the edge of the sofa, cracking the screen.

At this point, I was starting to believe that the claims about gorilla glass were a little overblown.

Thankfully, the cracked screen did not impede our use of the device, so we left it unfixed for several months. We finally replaced that screen about a month ago.

Guess what LO managed to break two weeks ago?

That's why we finally broke down and purchased this bad boy:

(Image source)


That, my friends, is the $56 OtterBox Defender Series Case with Screen Protector and Stand for the New iPad. It encases the entire device in army-grade plastic, and is entirely toddler- and butterfingers-proof. Judging by the robustitude of this case, our iPad is now protected from nuclear war, zombie apocalypse, and poorly screwed-on sippy cup caps.

Considering the fact that we are now on the 5th total screen for this iPad (at 32 bucks a pop), I'm wondering why the heck we didn't buy the case last December.


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