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One of my guilty pleasures at the gym is reading AARP Magazine.

(I'd like to point out here that I am currently 33 years old. Hence the guilty.)

The thing is, AARP does some darn fine reporting of money/retirement issues, so I often get ideas for upcoming blog posts from my reading. The additional reading in the magazine is often surprisingly pertinent to my life, featuring interviews with some of my favorite celebrities (apparently they're all over 50. Who knew?), recipes, vacation ideas, and insight into the zeitgeist, inasmuch as the average AARP reader has his/her fingers on the pulse of current culture.

Unfortunately, after reading yet another issue of AARP cover-to-cover, I have a tendency of getting off the treadmill worrying about things somewhat...prematurely:

"Might I have strained my achilles tendon? Older runners have to worry about not overdoing, and I skipped a stretch..."

"I lost my keys twice last week. Could this be early onset dementia?"

"Should I have my Social Security paperwork filled out now, to save myself time in thirty years? It sounds complicated."

I'm wondering if I need to balance my AARP reading with some days paging through Cosmo. Because having my brains leaking out my ears would theoretically be preferable to my planning my "imminent" retirement.

Published Dec 17 2012, 04:42 PM by Emily Guy Birken
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frugal_fun said:

LOL - Ooops. (By the way, this article displays AARP text ads!!)

December 17, 2012 7:59 PM

Live Like a Mensch said:

Couponrific photo courtesy of expert couponers Julie & Heidi from West Linn & Gillette, USA This

January 24, 2013 7:21 PM

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