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Running Update #19: Illness Really Threw a Wrench In the Works Edition


You may have noticed that this week I seem to have gotten away from my grueling schedule of writing for a full half hour every day except weekends.

This slacking on my part has been because of the young man. LO saw fit to share his daycare germs with the family. And while I have often described illness as the creeping crud, this truly has crept up on us. Here it is Saturday morning, and the boy is basically back to normal, which means he'll get to watch movies to his heart's content, while J and I lie around on the sofa and try to figure out how to get stuff done while still prone.

The crud has also thrown a wrench in my running rhythm. As of this past Monday, I had run 384 miles for the year, and 30 miles total for the month of November. Not bad for not even reaching the halfway mark in the month.

Then the crud struck.

I have run exactly 0 miles since Monday, and each day brings me closer to the end of the month--at which point, I am supposed to be at 427 miles to have any hope of reaching my 2012 goal.


So, here's hoping for a speedy recovery from the crud. And that I can figure out how to run while lying on the couch.


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