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Another Enormous Turkey

 Pictured: what an enormous turkey looks like when it goes into witness protection.

You may recall that last year, J's company provided us with our giant Thanksgiving turkey. It's a nice, old-school gesture on J's company's part.

This year, J and I will be traveling for Thanksgiving.

This did not in any way dampen his enthusiasm for the company turkey.

We currently have a nearly 20 pound turkey cooling its jets in our freezer. J would like to cook it this weekend, but I fear that two weeks of turkey eating (which is what 20 pounds of turkey between two adults and one toddler will require in order to do this bad boy justice) prior to the turkey bacchanal that is Thanksgiving will bring on early-onset turkey fatigue. (Not to mention the tryptophan/nap connection. I still have 128 miles to run this year. I can't afford to be in a turkey-induced food coma for three weeks straight.)

We'd invite everyone we know over for a huge turkey dinner, but that's kind of what Thanksgiving is. They're all already planning on that on the actual holiday. And several of our friends are vegetarians, anyway, so that kind of defeats the entire point.

J is yet again excited at the prospect of making turkey jerky, even though I still have trouble taking him seriously when he says such things.

LO has no opinion, although I suspect he might regard the turkey suspiciously. He mostly likes meat in nugget or ball form.

If the turkey weren't taking up so much freezer real estate, I'd plan on saving it for January or February, when turkey and stuffing are mere delicious memories. 

I can tell you that no matter what the turkey will eventually be cooked and eaten. If for no other reason than because I need room in the freezer for my ice cream.



haverwench said:

There's no law that a turkey has to be cooked and eaten all at once. You could subdivide it into meal-sized portions to be stored in the freezer and eaten throughout the winter--perhaps as an alternative to spaghetti and meatballs on those nights when you don't feel like making the scheduled menu item.

November 9, 2012 12:38 PM

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