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Teeny Tiny Tupperware


Like most American households, our Tupperware cabinet is a victim of the dreaded Tupperware black hole. Our current collection is a tangle of approximately 43 lids with no bowls, 14 bowls with no corresponding lids, and 3 actual matching pairs--that are always in use or in the wash and therefore unavailable for the storage of the particular leftovers that I am attempting to package.

I regularly buy new sets of Tupperware (or non-branded leftover-ware if you're getting technical or are a member of Tupperware's legal department), and yet we consistently come back to this exact same makeup of non-useful, non-matching pairs.

I have high hopes my most recent non-branded leftover-ware purchase, however. I did not buy our usual assortment of multiple sizes. No, I bought a pack of teeny tiny Tupperware.

We needed to aquire such a set of dishware because of the peculiar eating habits of toddlers. Not only do they change their minds as to what they like from one 10-minute period to the next, but they also tend to get distracted in the middle of eating and request to continue eating a meal a good 25 minutes after they last took a bite and you were certain that they must be done.

Basically, we've been having a great deal of LO-sized leftovers.

After regularly finding myself "cleaning up" in the mother-approved method--that is, eating all the "leftovers" one tiny little bite at a time until there was nothing left to offer LO when he inevitably got hungry less than half an hour later which meant I had to fix a new serving of whatever it was, which would then get "cleaned up" in its own turn. (And I wonder why I've put on five pounds). 

In the twin interests of not wasting food (because it's just as much a waste on my hips as it is down the disposal) and making sure that I'm not making upwards of 7 PB&Js for LO each afternoon, I decided to start storing the young man's leftovers to offer them again as he gets hungry.

Thus far, it has been working fairly well. The teeny tiny Tupperware is the perfect size for the LO leftovers. The child does not seem to mind eating something that was not prepared freshly at his whim. We still have five teeny tiny lids and five teeny tiny bowls.

I just hope the inevitable Tupperware black hole doesn't strike our cabinet anytime soon. I really can't afford to eat any more peanut butter sandwiches.


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