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Any Suggestions for Money Books for Kids?


LO and I make a weekly pilgrimage to our local library. I pick up some mysteries and paperbacks and the occasional financial book, and LO makes a beeline for the kids' computers/the giant staircase/anything he could break which would result in our not being invited back to the library. It's a fun and relaxing time for all.

On a recent visit, I saw this title in the children's section. Since it was a kid's book that dealt with how money works and how to manage it, I decided to take it home for perusal. (LO's ability to be halfway up the stairs, apparently on his way to the non-fiction section, within 1.2 seconds of my taking my eyes off of him, means that I basically have to judge books by covers and save actual examination of said books for home.) After looking through this book (which I am not specifically naming here--although you can find out if you like by clicking the link--because I'm sure that the author and illustrator worked their fannies off on it), I decided that it wasn't exactly the clearest or most interesting explanation of how money works, and I already understand(ish) the subject and find it fascinating. Woe to the child who tries to slog through this.

It got me wondering about money books for children. I have a memory or two of books about money from my own childhood. Mostly they stick there because the books were so completely awful. (For example, our school gave out some sort of comic book about an island where the people decided to start using money. One guy was trying to figure out what to call a paper IOU and saying to himself "I'll check with John, check with Stephanie, check with...That's it! I'll call it a check!" Even as a 9-year-old, I recognized that this was not only a stupid explanation of the etymology of something that actually existed and therefore had a real etymology that was probably more interesting, but I also seriously doubted that a group of individuals would come up with a checking account system on a deserted island! If anyone else remembers this "educational" comic book, I'd love to reminisce with you.)

In any case, I don't really remember learning anything about money from my reading, and I read a lot as a kid (and a teenager, and a young adult, and a college student, and...)

So, I thought I'd ask the Dollar Stretcher community if you had any recommendations for books about money that kids will actually be interested in reading and can learn something from. I know money is a dry subject, but I figure if Stephenie Meyer can make vampires boring, then someone should be able to make money interesting. (Ducking as Twilight fans are pitching glittery tomatoes in my direction.)

If you know of any good money books for kids (or any terrible ones you recall with miserable fondness), please leave me a comment. I'd love to work on creating a library of those sorts of book. Or, if they don't exist, maybe start thinking about writing one myself. (SHHHHHH! Don't tell anyone I said that. That's the sort of comment that leads to work on my part).


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haverwench said:

I don't remember any *books* about money from my childhood...but I do have fond memories of "Penny Power" magazine, the kids' version of Consumer Reports. (It later changed its name to "Zillions" before ending print publication in 2000.)

But I did find a list of money books for kids on the PBS website (pbskids.org/.../print_books.html), though they appear to be geared toward older kids.

October 31, 2012 3:33 PM

Lori Blatzheim said:

Hello Emily,

Thank you for your post, "Any Suggestions for Money Books for Kids?"

I enjoyed reading it and today, I made a visit to a book store.

I discovered that people are writing books on money management for children and youth. I had a chance to skim through a few books. I liked the variety and the thoughts of the writers.

Lori Blatzheim

November 10, 2012 11:39 PM

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