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Things You Could Buy If You Didn't Have Children


A recent government study concluded that today's kids will cost $235,000 to raise from birth to age 18.

No, they were not including college in that price tag, although you get a bit of a price break on second, third, and etc children.

Let's stop and think about that figure for a moment.




If you're having a bad day wherein the little darling won't nap and has painted the cat with hummus, it might be an interesting intellectual exercise to think about what you could have bought instead of having a kid:

1. A Ferrari.

2. A fairly nice house in Columbus, Ohio.

3. A 750-square foot starter home in Baltimore, MD.

4. A shoe box with a toilet and a hot plate in New York City.

5. A private airplane.

6. A political campaign for mayor in a relatively small city.

7. A really expensive pony.

8. 20 years of boarding and care for said really expensive pony. (No, $235,000 will not buy you both.)

9. A small yacht.

10. A college degree in about 18 years.

On second thought, the hummus-painting non-napper might be a relative bargain. None of these things will take care of you (or, alternatively, choose your nursing home) in your old age.

Bummer about the cost of college, though.



subk said:

A friend once told me 'people have kids because they are soooo much fun!' - so $235,000 for about 20 years of fun, works out to may be about $35 per day or about $5/hr (considering 8hr workday) ;) I think kids are a bargain!

September 21, 2012 10:34 AM

haverwench said:

It might also help to remember that, first of all, that $235,000 is an average figure. It certainly is possible to raise a child for much less. For instance, if you look at the actual report, you'll find that the second-biggest expense, after housing, is "child care and education"--yet the report notes that half of all the families they surveyed spent nothing at all in this category. And also, this figure is for a first child only--raising two children does not cost twice as much, because you will already have many of the things you need. And finally, remember that a good chunk of this cost will be offset each year by tax breaks for families with children--something the study doesn't factor in.

September 23, 2012 3:49 PM

Carmina said:

I have 6 children and there are many times that I would love to have "x,y or z", but I can't or shouldn't be cause there is always a child who needs something.  It's worth the sacrifice.  

September 24, 2012 3:16 PM

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