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Running Update #7: I Need to Get My Rear in Gear Edition

In the two weeks since my last running post, I have started something that does great things for my lifelong goal of permanently pruney toes, but has really served as kind of a setback in the whole "run 500 miles in 2012" thing.

Namely and to wit, LO and I have started twice a week parent/child swimming lesson at our Y.

Photo courtesy of Werner100359, because I sure as heck couldn't take a photograph that gorgeous.

The swim class negatively affects my running thusly: LO and I must get ourselves, our suits, our dry clothes, our towels, our swim diapers, our regular diapers, our flip flops, and our daycare needs (including but not limited to lunch, full sippy cup, spare diapers, a spare outfit, snacks, books, and extra socks) to the Y pool for a 9:30 lesson twice weekly.  Normally, I just need to get LO and myself and his daycare needs to the Y in order to run on their treadmills.  So, despite the fact that I thought I could add "running gear" to the list of things necessary for a trip to the Y, it's become abudantly clear that this would be impossible without, at minimum, one of those carpet bags that Mary Poppins carried that held lamps, mirrors, grand pianos, etc.  (And let's not forget that her charges were both potty trained.)

So, instead of five days a week to run, I'm reduced to three.  Normally, this would not be a problem, as I generally get about 3 or 4 runs in a week.  But I get those runs in because I plan to go every day.  So I build in the opportunity to miss a run or several each week.  Now, I have to run on my allotted days, or else.

This hasn't worked so well for us so far.  My April runs break down like so:

Week of April 1-8: Three runs, one 3 miler and two 5 milers

Week of April 9-present: NADA!

In case you're wondering, the swim lessons started on April 9.  On the bright side, at least LO seems to be hating every ever-loving minute in the water, as evidenced by his screaming and attempting to climb up my body and perch on my shoulder, parrot-like, so as to avoid having any part of his body touch the water.

(Okay, he started having fun at today's lesson, but he tried to hide it.)

Right now, my grand mileage total for the year is 119 miles.  I'd like to run 47 miles total this month, meaning I've got another 34 to go.  Since LO and I will be heading to Baltimore next week, and it's very difficult to fit runs into my away-from-home routine, I have a suspicion I'm not going to make it.  Ah, well.  There's always May!


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Live Like a Mensch said:

Entering into April, I had the grand scheme of running 47 miles for the month. This was complicated by

April 30, 2012 2:22 PM

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