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The Emergency Continuum

Photo courtesy of rampant, who wants your braaaaaains!

When it comes to an emergency fund, the real problem is defining an emergency.  There is a continuum of the emergency definition that makes it quite difficult to determine if you really need to tap into that fund of extra cash.

On the far end of the definition continuum, there is the "I was having a terrible day and these adorable Jimmy Choos were on sale for only $350!" emergency.  On that end, emergencies seem to arise on a regular basis, and the emergency fund gets quite a workout.

Waaaaaaaaaay on the other end of the spectrum is the "Well, the zombie apocalypse will arrive in my town any day now, and I need a new transmission for my car so that I can escape. But zombies are slow moving and surely the public transportation will keep working.  I don't need to dip into savings for this!"  On this side of the definition, nothing short of currently having your brains eaten constitutes an emergency worthy of breaking that emergency piggy bank.  Because bank balances are a lot more fun when they're big.

I tend to live on the "a zombie apocalypse is not really an emergency" side of the continuum.  I have often had to remind myself that I set aside money specifically so I do not have to worry when an emergency arises.

So if you'll excuse me, I believe I probably ought to purchase some 2X4s to brace the doors and windows against the walking undead.  I might swing by the shoe store, too.  No sense in having my brains eaten while wearing ugly footwear.


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