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A Running Update

Image courtesy of Nevit Dilmen, who seems to have been channeling the twins from The Shining


If you're just tuning in, I lost my mind back in December and challenged myself to run 500 miles in 2012--or else I have to pay $350 to a charity I don't believe in.

So far, I am finding the specter of having to write a check for the particular charity I have chosen (which shall remain nameless) has definitely helped me to get my rear in gear on days when I'm just not feeling the run.  Unfortunately, I still have not caught up with my 42-mile monthly goal after finishing January 15 miles behind.  My running in February breaks down thusly:

Week of February 1-7:      3 miles (Oops!  Apparently, it's tough for me to stay on track when I'm out of town and panicking over a lost wallet).

Week of February 8-14:    14 miles (I had two 4-mile runs and two 3-mile runs)

All of this is for a total of 44 miles for the year.  I'd like to get caught up before the end of February, but that means I'd have to run another 40 miles before the 29th.

(Those of you who know me personally, please try not to disillusion the Stretcher Community with your collective online eye-roll.)

I am proud to say that I'm experimenting with speeding up my runs and extending them past my usual "Meh, I feel done" cutoff.  (Hence the multiple 4-milers).  Though I have always been in the ridiculously slow lane when it came to running--when I told my students that I ran a 12-minute mile back when I ran my first half marathon in 2007, they were sure I meant 12 minutes per two miles, since no one could be that slow--I've actually run a 10 minute mile in the past two weeks.  Granted, I decided to speed up to 6 mph just because I wanted to end the running session (because running faster=ending sooner), but I don't think it's a bad thing to use laziness as a motivator for greater feats of athleticism.

With all my extra thinking time I have on my runs, I have also decided that I will choose a charity that I really care about to donate the $350 to when I complete the challenge. 

And here I thought I was just a stick-motivator--but knowing that my actions can decide whether my hard-earned money goes to something I care about or something I can't stand makes me feel even better about every single mile.  I'm having some fun thinking about which charity I'd like to benefit from my 500 miles.  I'll post as soon as I decide, because my preferred charity will NOT remain nameless.


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