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Live Like a Mensch

Things You Can Do Other Than Go Shopping on Black Friday

1. Actually use the things you have purchased that are still sitting in boxes.  Install that stereo, put up that shelf, change your oil.  Don't bring new stuff into your house before you've used your "old" new stuff.

2.  Take a long walk.  Someone's got to work off that turkey.  Why not you?

3.  Take a nap.  Someone's got to sleep off that turkey.  Why not you?

4.  Play cards.  You might be able to win enough playing poker with your family to pay for all their presents.

5.  Eat. Don't tell me your refrigerator isn't stuffed with your body weight's worth of leftovers.

6.  Make some handmade gifts.  Be sure to pick projects that can easily be accomplished in the time you have left before the gift-giving holidays.  (A side note--as a woman who completed a quilt 11 years after originally finding the pattern in a book entitled Quilts In a Weekend, don't always assume there is truth in project titling.)

7.  Go to the zoo.  It'll be pretty empty of people, and you're likely to see better behavior there than you will at the strip malls.  Yes, even at feeding time.

8.  Re-read your favorite book.  I don't have anything funny to add to this.  I'm just a big advocate of reading.

9.  Make some amateur science experiments with the kids.  You know, like making the baking soda volcano.  Because your kitchen didn't get dirty enough yesterday.

10.  Appreciate the good stuff you have in your life.  You really don't need anything new, do you?


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