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A Week in the Life


"I'm not sleepy...zzzz"

I would like to know what the heck this "work/life balance" is that I keep hearing about. 

I'm not so good at balance.  I do nothing by halves.  When I taught high school English, I was either in utter and complete work-your-tail-off, these-kids-are-counting-on-you, my-goodness-the-future-of-America-is-in-your-hands mode or collapsed in front of the tube watching America's Next Top Model marathons and eating Marshmallow Fluff directly from the jar with my finger while essays in need of grading lay fallow on my living room floor.  (I'm only exaggerating slightly).

This tendency is part of why J and I decided I should stay at home with LO.  The poor child would get whiplash trying to follow my unbalanced ways if I were still teaching.

But of course, I still find ways to be all or nothing.   Some recent examples:

Monday, I ran two miles at the Y, came home and wrote three articles for my freelancing gigs, ran to the bank for an errand, picked up LO at the Y, put him down for a quick nap while I cleaned the catboxes and started a load of laundry, planned out our meals for the week, played and read with LO when he woke up, baked two loaves of wheat bread, sat down to dinner with my family, wrote a fourth article after LO's 6:30 bedtime, tried and failed to restrain J from mustaching a turkey, folded a load of laundry, and went to bed.

On Tuesday, I discovered that I quite liked the show My Boys that is streaming on Netflix.

Clearly, I need some help with my time managment.  Many of my Mondays are similarly brimming with activities.  I'm excited to hit the ground running early, but by the middle of the week (and yes, in this case we're defining the second day of the workweek as the middle), I've lost momentum.

Anyone else have this kind of trouble pacing yourself?  Because I seem to have passed this trait on to my son.  He'll play until he falls asleep where he is. 

No transitions for this family.


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