May 2013 - Posts - Surviving on Shoestrings by Donna Miller
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Surviving on Shoestrings by Donna Miller

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May 2013 - Posts

  • Making it without an income....

    Stretching our dollars (and of course referring to this wonderful forum, website and newsletters) has been a way of life for us for about a decade now.  During which we spent an entire year without any regular income coming in. 

    I recently referenced this in a previous episode of my half hour radio show and received a letter from a listener inquiring if I could elaborate further.  There was the questions in her mind and then I thought most likely in the minds of others who listen or are facing a similar struggle.  Questions like:

    •    Did we live off of our savings?  
    •    Did we go on a government program? 
    •    What did we do?

    As I ran through the history of that year and began to write her dawned on me it was easier to have a 'conversation' and talk about it than it was to formulate an entire year's journey in writing.  Thus it became the next episode.  Listen to the link if you'd like to know how we made it an entire year without stable income. It is my hope that this will encourage you if you are facing a similar issue or encourage you to prepare just in case one day you may be in that situation yourself.

    Surviving on Shoestrings – Episode 4: Answering a listener’s email. “How did you make it without income?”



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