August 2011 - Posts - Surviving on Shoestrings by Donna Miller
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Surviving on Shoestrings by Donna Miller

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August 2011 - Posts

  • A Self-sustaining Life is a Frugal Life.

    To be self- sustaining is kind of an anomaly in this current global climate, however, the trend to be more frugal is a growing movement. I surmise that the most economical way of living, in the long run, is to be more self-sustainable rather than system-reliant.

    In the times of our forefathers, the new settlers to the land, the pioneers and even those here before them, the Natives, there was no system other than community to sustain one’s way of life. The community was made up of families who sustained themselves by gardening, trade and skill. Our community has changed now to encompass imported items from other countries and conveniences we think we cannot do without.

    The waste and frivolity of our current societal norm thought to be a higher standard of life can easily become our demise. The more self-sustainable a family unit is, the more they will actually have to share with those in need. The more self-sustainable a family is, the less waste and reliance upon others they will be. The more self-sustainable a family is, the more appreciative they are of the basic necessities that are required to live. These are not only attainable attributes but also are the most desired characteristics of a family who wishes to become more frugal. No one wants to become stingy. But to still rely on the status-quo and cut corners often makes us so. Choosing voluntary self-sustaining practices leave less room for feeling deprived and yield more empowered individuals in the process.

  • Solar Cooking - The Basics

    I'll admit to being a little on the hippy side, semi-tree-hugging and longing to live in a hut off grid at times (not at all times) but I also admit to being a bit intimidated by solar cooking. But after my interview with the Solar Oven President on my radio show Your Preparation Station - I had to have one. Am I EVER glad I got one!

    So far for the last 5 days of sun, I've not run the oven at all to bake bread, make soup, cook beans and cornbread and broccoli and baked potatoes. I've only just begun!

    I love how this has kept my house cooler (less A/C) cut down on one of the largest electric appliances being used (the oven) and been so user friendly for a variety of foods.

    I am sharing my Sun Oven escapades on my youtube channel -

    The truth is if I can do this...anyone can do this! 

    It is my hope that more people will choos this as an alternative cooking option. Check it out for yourself!


    Best Blessings!


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