August 2010 - Posts - Surviving on Shoestrings by Donna Miller
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Surviving on Shoestrings by Donna Miller

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August 2010 - Posts

  • Saving money in some odd ways....

    There really is not a topic other than 'odd ways' for this entry. Really, I tried to put them in a category but they just aren't fitting so, this hodgepodge of odd savings is brought to you by my eclectic frugal, brain. I hope you enjoy!


    Odd ways in the kitchen (with objects not food):

    Make a paper towel holder out of a wire coat-hanger. Just cut the center of the place where the pants would hang and put the paper towel roll in there. This hangs on the wall or a knob of a cabinet and is portable when you don't want it there, unlike the ones you have to attach to the wall.

     Move your crock-pot outside. Actually, my crock-pot has a crack in it that we fixed with gorilla glue so it's more of a 'cracked-pot', like me, but it works well none the less. But by moving the crock-pot outside, you can avoid heating the kitchen up (thus saving air condition costs) and still have the slow cooked taste so many meals benefit from.


    Odd ways in the bath room:

    Have bath towels a different color for each person. Think about it. After a shower or bath, you should be, what? CLEAN. So you don't need to use a new towel every time you clean up! Just use it up to 3 times and let it air dry. With each person having their own color, no one risks using anther family member's towel.

    Step on the toilet paper! Yes, you read that right. If you have cats or toddlers, you may already use this trick, but it also helps slow yourself down when the toilet paper roll has been stepped on to resemble more of a football shape than a perfect cylinder that rolls too quickly.


    Odd ways for beauty:

    Opt for coconut or olive oil as a moisturizer. It is better for your skin and cheaper than most over the counter chemical laden goop.

    Cut your own hair...or have a family member cut it. Hey, it grows back!

    To add volume to your hair, add this to your shampoo: Dissolve about 1 tsp of Epsom Salt in 1/4 Cup of hot water. Add this to about a half bottle of cheap (or better home made) shampoo and VA VA VOOM volume! Really. It works great!


    Okay, enough oddness from my odd brain and odd ways to save money.  Hope you learned something new, and better yet, GIVE IT A TRY! Saving money can be just as creative (and odd) and fun as you want it to be! You'll find more ways as you get more practice.

    Best Blessings!

    Donna Miller

    The Millers own and operate Millers Grain House which offers Chemical Free and Organic Grains, Grain Mills, Bread Machines,Grain buckets, Bosch Mixers, the NutriMill, instructional tutorials, recipes and more.


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