February 2010 - Posts - Surviving on Shoestrings by Donna Miller
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Surviving on Shoestrings by Donna Miller

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February 2010 - Posts

  • Losing the farm without losing the dream.

    From my last entry (which seems like eons ago), you may have gathered our family was facing some choices and changes. While we have lived most of our lives in the rural country side and prefer it, we are not strangers to the city or suburbia. We again face a change.

    We have left our 15 acre, 3000 sq ft homestead and are now are in a 900 sq foot cottage in tight packed suburbia. It only seems fitting that God would allow this new learning experience since we have lived like homesteaders in many areas. The space of the house, the lack of the income and the new 'lifestyle' has greatly stretched my homesteader's mind.

    To look on the bright side of things....

    1) There is a neat little 'raised bed' that is about 8X8 feet of good soil in the back corner of the courtyard/back yard that will soon have lettuce, broccoli, peppers and peas in them. Also some small window box areas surrounding the back of the house where my potted kitchen herbs will soon go when it warms up.

    2) The smaller home has allowed us to find out just what we NEED to function. It is a 'forcing of our hand' so to speak. It is quite liberating to be rid of more material trappings than I realized I had collected.

    3) We have friendly neighbors who are always willing to help and share what goes on about the neighborhood.

    4) We can fit one stand up freezer in the one car garage (o:


    We know this is a move to make us stronger and leaner to achieve the ultimate dream of a much larger spread of land and being debt-free while self-sufficient. We've lost the farm, but not lost the dream. And, as my newly tweaked cliché' would go - "You can take the girl off the homestead, but you can't take the homestead out of her head."  (o:


    Look for more interesting entries as I face this tiny space and downsizing challenge. I hope it will help others who face the same things!

    Best Blessings!




    PS: Now more than ever... would you please check out our online store as it is our only source of income now. Thanks for considering!



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