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Surviving on Shoestrings by Donna Miller

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May 2009 - Posts

  • Top 10 Signs you're obsessing about your Garage Sale:

    Well, this Saturday is our garage sale. If you've read earlier posts, you may know it is out of desperation (no pay for months) that we are having it! Embarrassed

    With that said, I've rather enjoyed the purging process (still haven't hit the sheds and boxes in the garage itself, but....). Closets and drawers are organized (with room to spare) in all areas of the house.  But....I've noticed, I AM (not have, AM) OCD!  Well, I already knew that in some areas, but below are my top 10 signs that I am obsessing about my Garage Sale:

    • Number 10: You've alphabetized your spices and color coded your drawers.
    • Number 9: There's more in the garage than in the house.
    • Number 8: You've found almost all missing sock mates! (Doing that happy dance, because, uh, yeah, I hold on to the spares just in case!)
    • Number 7: You look at a box of garlic that you harvested last fall and wonder...."Can I sell them for a quarter a piece?"
    • Number 6: You could EAT off of my garage floor it's so clean now!
    • Number 5: You re-do the 6 street signs because: "Well, they just aren't pretty enough to catch the eye."
    • Number 4: You boxed up clothes to sell but also boxed up the hangers to take out to the garage and then hang up the clothes...(wow)
    • Number 3: You look for plants to divide into smaller potted plants so you can sell one plant 4 times!
    • Number 2: You fabreeze (homemade of course) the GARAGE to make it smell more 'inviting' (what is up with that thought).
    • The Number 1 sign you're obsessing about your garage sale.....Your black lab comes in to take a nap, and wakes up walking away with a $10 sticker on his hind haunches!! Huh?


    To read more about my 'odd' life on the homestead - go here:


    Best Blessings!

    Donna Miller


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