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Frugalness or Self Suffiency as a Religion

Some folks see frugalness as living life simply. Or simply living life. Others seem to immerse themselves in a religious-like furvor and truly become frgal zealots. Then there are those that are frugal with a self-righteous tone about them and no one that can come up to their standards of religious frugalness should be allowed near them, in real life or in forums.

C'mon down off your high horses. I'm sure I've been convicted of the same thing at times. Pride does come before a fall. Just like spiritually, everyone is at a different place in their lives. Just when you think you've got it all figured out something can happen to pull the rug out from under you and you may find yourself changing your tune a little. Suddenly all that bad mouthing people that have credit cards comes home to roost...and you have to use a credit card to live on briefly because you already went through your emergency funds after losing the good job you had for 20 years....one day it's guarenteed and the next you are pink slipped with nary a severence pay. I've had it happen to 2 good friends this year.

Personally, I've done everything I could do to be self sufficient out in the backwoods. But now we have had to let the goats go because feed has become too expensive while income for goat kids and products are at an all time low. So now I buy milk in the grocery store. I used to bake bread but now I buy cast-offs from the local sara lee plant. I used to sew my curtains but this year I bought them. I used to make homemade pizzas but now I order take out or buy frozen. My family is just in a change in lifestyle as the kids approach adulthood. I thought wed never use credit cards again but this summer and fall have been hard in many ways and credit has picked up the slack. I've had to eat my words often this year.

So I no longer wear a badge of frugalness or self reliance in religious fervor. I'm not perfect and I don't always make all the right choices. I hope I've never once in my zealousness implied that I am all that. I have been offended at times by those that do. Once you've walked in other's shoes there is a great understanding and compassion that comes from it.



Millers Grain House said:

Even if I don't think others *have* to do as we do, I'd hate for them to mistake my enthusiasm in sharing even a tiny area of frugality (is that a word?) to mean I was shoving it down anyone's throat.

Very nicely stated...and a kind reminder to us all!

Thanks bunches!

Best Blessings!


November 13, 2009 2:39 PM

Gary said:

Would adding an "amen" be considered to religious? (grin)


November 17, 2009 4:58 PM

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