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A Slice of Heaven...at a Cost

A couple of ladies on the Dollar Stretcher Community referred to my lifestyle as "a slice of heaven" a few days ago. OMG heaven?! After struggling with things not going right with the animals, tractors, and children....and needing a new septic...I wasn't thinking of heaven exactly.  I ALSO got my husband's social security statement today...again not heaven.

Well the animals and children got in line, the tractor got fixed, the garden got tilled, and we found a way of doing our own drain field for $390. I sat down on my bench under the tree in the barnyard watching the animals and and smelling fresh tilled earth and thought, well it is a heaven for me. I'd rather be here than anywhere else. Certainly more so than than stuck in an office all day working for a man other than my husband. It's well worth any amount of sacrifce or cost. Anyone venturing into the self sufficient lifestyle needs to remember it's not all glory days. There are setbacks and discouragements, some that make you feel like throwing in the towel and going back to the city way of life. There are pros and cons to every choice in life. We choose to preserve our way of life even if it costs us. To have me go back to work before the kids are grown would increase not only our income but our heartaches at this point and it's not a change dear husband or I wish to make. Our lifestyle is something that makes us uniquely us, and what we truly enjoy working at.

I moved my seedlings outside to the the mini greenhouse from the basement where they had sprouted under grow lights 6 weeks ago. We have 2 month old baby goats, 1 month old chicks, and as of 2 days ago we also have 7 baby bunnies. Everyone seems much happier now that the last of our snowbanks have gone and the days are longer and warmer. I am looking forward to getting the cold weather crops in the ground this week as well as several acres of field corn for the animals.

Now to the lovely social security statement from the Feds....I should have realized it sooner, but that wage drop my husband had to make to get a job after being laid off, well it was more than just the $5 an hour loss. Looking at the statement and taking into account months worked vs unemployment it shows that we are making $14,000 LESS PER YEAR. The last time dear husband made this wage our boys were in diapers and my mortgage was less than half what it is now. Gosh no wonder things feel so darn tight!

In the meantime a friend called with a job opportunity at a town 45 minutes away. I told her I'd look into it, as it is short term this summer and then again this fall. The question is if it pays enough for me to drive that far with a 8 cyl truck. My oldest son is working full time at a nearby resort lifeguarding, so that means my youngest will be home all by himself. He can do it fine of course, but should he? Will it be good idea to leave him alone for 40 hours a week?

Like i said, every choice as pros and cons.





Deniser1254 said:

This is my first post on this blog.  I agree with the statement "heaven at a cost"...folks who think living the country life is dreamy would have a rude awakening if transported there.  My little spot of heaven includes a farmer husband, a college student son, more animal mouths to feed than I can count, a full-time high-stress job for me with a 60 mile daily commute, aging parent and in-law parent, volunteer work, yard work, housework, cooking etc., and more issues to deal with in the course of 24 hours than I want.  If you consider a refrigerator, a washer and dryer, a window air-conditioner, and 600 square feet of living space luxeries, I have luxeries.  That is just about as far as it goes in the luxury department.  We need a new mattress (bought ours 25 years ago when we got married); I need new glasses, my husband needs a new tractor.  None of this will happen for some time.  We don't spend money we don't have.  I too would choose no other life, but it is a very challenging life and not for anyone who can't take a lot of pressure, do without a lot of things others take for granted, and multi-task endlessly.  Now on to the positive things:  I have found tremendous enjoyment this Spring in an unexpected "surprize" in the hay barn.  Following days of finding parts of deceased critters in the barn, we found several tunnels w/5 entrance holes inside and outside of the barn.  One evening just about dusk the mystery was solved.  6 little red foxes made their appearance and have provided hours of entertainment since.  These little rascals are very nocturnal and very active.  They wrestle and chase each other, and almost always have something in their mouths.  One nite one had a mouse, one had a mole, and one had an empty cat food can in their respective mouths.  Those who had nothing chased the other 3 everywhere.  They popped in/out of the den holes and ran around the barn., leaping into the air as high as 3 feet.  If I sit still they continue to play and stop occasionally to check me out.  If I move they head for the holes and then peak out.  I have taken some photos but due to the darkness in the barn, they are not the quality I would like.  Mamma and/or Pappa fox have been spotted a couple of times.  Certainly all they have time for is to hunt food for the babies.  My research verified what we had suspected, both parents help care for the "kits" as they are called.  The parents do not live in dens but rather reside in tall grass and the woods when there are no little ones.  Their diet consist of mice, moles, rabbits, fruit, grains, berries.  This type of event makes all of the hard times worth it.

It is my reward for this lifestyle....wouldn't change a thing....except I really would like that new mattress......!

May 8, 2009 2:08 PM

Cinnamonhuskies said:

I pray you get your new matress soon! I have never had a brand new one. My oldest son was the first to get a new $125 mattress this winter after his freebie one had him sleeping on the hard wooden floor of his homemade bunk bed. Amen to a good night's sleep!

Yes many people that would love to have the simple country life need to count the costs of sacrifice. At one point when we were on the farm, we had money for animal feed but not groceries, so we went without to keep the animals alive.

May 8, 2009 4:58 PM

sissy said:

hello from my bed and my laptop desk daisy mae sound asleep she is my daucshund my baby with both of us sick oh well..lol

Coment on this e-mail yes I know very well with going without just to feed me and my baby next to me is hard ,but not as hard as sitting on a park bench homless I was once the person but I saw one last week just sitting there I found out she has a home its her forum of getting away there I thought she was going with out food and warm clothes when I was that person on the bench in the park to get away from people so one one would look at me and point I did with out for along time ffrom sleeping on the floor and to get a hot meal always cold thenn had enough money for a fith wheel I lived in that to save more now IM living with my parents Im so use to going without even food just to save it may be sad about the person on the bench if there is a will on me only not the person on the bench there is some way to help out if the will don't work to well.

May 11, 2009 10:47 PM

cheapChic said:

Life and times at my barnyard with my tracter cleaning out the flower beds running the tracter in the pasture to make sure the animals get the last of the good grass and time for new compost pile no play just work here except sunday and sometimess wednsday whhhheee fun time I gruize the street to my house of worship...

May 20, 2009 11:20 PM

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