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April 2009 - Posts

  • Saving the Easter Basket

     Instead of buying a new Easter basket every year for family members, get one really good basket for each person, decorate each one differently so that each has their own custom basket and put them away after Easter for the next year.  Bag up the fake grass in a large ziploc bag, and do the same with any plastic eggs that you have.  To keep the baskets dust free put them in a large plastic bag or bags also. A child that grows up with their own personal basket used each year will have fond memories of that one basket as being all their own. We fill the plastic eggs with different candies, and fill one egg per child with several quarters and an additional one with paper money. To cut down on the amount of candy we put in things like snack bags of beef jerky, trail mix, beef sticks,or something similar.

    Instead of wrapping them in plastic, make a pretty cloth from a sheer type fabric, wrap that around the basket and tie with a pretty ribbon. Use that cloth each year too.  A short sheer curtain could be used if it was big enough to wrap around the basket.  Tulle or netting could also be used.

    You can re-use the grass and the plastic eggs for several years.  That cuts down on the expense of buying a new already filled basket, which IMO always has junky stuff in them and are mostly fake grass filled anyway; and they are way too high priced for what you get.  


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