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A Slave to the Spice Trade No More!

by This Old Housewife

On a hot pursuit for bay leaves, I noticed an aisle section of the grocery store that's ripping us off royally. It's the spice section!  A quick look at bay leaves in the regular spice aisle had them at $23.00/oz. (yep, no typo there--Hubby can confirm), while over in the international foods aisle (where they keep so-called "gourmet" stuff--actually Mexican, Jewish, and Asian stuff), bay leaves were in little packets priced at $2.76/oz. I bought all they had to refill my old bay leaf bottle at home.

Do I need to tell you that McCormick was the highway robber in this story? Simply by walking two aisles over and getting my bay leaves, I managed to save $20.24 without coupons, store discounts, or any other discount-seeking trickery. Try that, coupon queens!

Now I could grow my own bay leaves, but that would entail a laurel tree, which won't grow here.

Moral of the story:  Need spices? Look anywhere but the spice aisle. Check out the ethnic/gourmet/international foods aisle, or even ethnic grocery stores. Don't be a victim of ripoff artist "Mickey C" (McCormick) or Schilling ever again!

If Sam's Club only carried bay leaves...

For those of you keeping track of "hourly rates" through savings, I made $1200 that day. If I were to add up all the savings I create in one year, plus the year-end tax return, then put an hourly rate to them, I'd probably pass out. It would be more than the highest lottery jackpot! Who says housewives are only worth the sum total of the wages of all their jobs performed?

Everyone is smart about something! That's why we have The Dollar Stretcher Guest Blog. If you have a story that could help save time or money, please send it by email to MyStory@Stretcher.com.



Anne Cross said:

Right on! I buy basic spices at a local discount store (Ocean State Job Lots, which has stores throughout New England) and they cost 88 cents a jar. I get more exotic ones at a local Asian/Indian grocer -- Cardamom costs about $6.00 for a little teeny jar at the grocery store, but it's $3.00 for a huge package at the Indian grocer.

March 24, 2011 7:16 PM

Kitchen Mama said:

I buy my spices at the spice shop in Soulard Market in St. Louis. You can buy different sizes and just about any spice you want or need. It's great for buying ones to try for the first time. Sometimes the dollar store has ones I'm looking for also.

March 25, 2011 2:42 PM

Anna Marie said:

I also choose to purchase from ethnic or natural food stores, but find that the cheap spices from discount places are old, thus deservedly cheap.

April 3, 2011 3:40 PM

Maria Christina said:

I buy spices from bulk bins in the local health food store. I keep the old spice jars and just refill as needed.  It usually costs around 50 cents to refill a jar.

April 3, 2011 8:50 PM

Elizabeth said:

While initially it may seem like a great buy to purchase the spices from a grocery store, you might want to know that unless it specifically states "non-irradiated" or organic all such spices should be considered irradiated. "Irradiated food has caused a myriad of health problems in laboratory animals (and people in a few studies), including chromosomal damage, immune and reproductive problems, kidney damage, tumors, internal bleeding, low birth weight, and nutritional muscular dystrophy." (Mercola.com) A better choice would be to buy bulk organic herbs and make up your own mixes for far less money. Read up on the benefits of herbs and incorporate them into your nutrition. Good websites are bulkherbstore.com and mountainroseherbs.com

April 4, 2011 12:31 AM

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