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  • Is Online Education the Best Option?

    by Sarah Daren

    When people think of a college education, more often than not, a campus and classes at lecture halls come to mind. However, with how regular a part of our daily lives the internet has become, new opportunities are arising for students who may be looking for something other than the traditional brick and mortar college experience. An online education can provide students with a different experience and the same credentials for, ultimately, a lower cost, but it might not be for everybody. At the end of the day, it is up to the student to decide what type of education they wish to pursue, but both types of learning have their merits.

    The Perks of an Online Education

    To begin, an online education is a lot better for students who will need the room for flexibility and personal convenience. The typical class format of pursuing a degree online allows the student to integrate other responsibilities into their day. This allows them the opportunity to focus on other things, such as employment, travel, family, significant others, hobbies, and other obligations that are important to them.

    The beauty of most online courses is that the classroom can be wherever the student wants it to be. It can be at a local cafe or right in the comfort of their own home, a library or a park, anywhere where the internet is available for their convenience. Classes at physical locations, on the other hand, require the student to put aside their other obligations to work their schedules around a pre-existing itinerary.

    Additionally, an online education provides a more focused feeling of learning for the individual. Instead of feeling as though you are just a face in a crowd at an enormous lecture hall, you will have direct access with your professor via messaging and emailing options that are directly related to the program. Some students may be uncomfortable with public speaking, some students may have difficulties with the transit to the classroom. No matter what the exact situation, an online classroom can help reduce the inhibitions that real life can throw towards students.

    The Perks of a Traditional Classroom Education

    The most immediate advantage that comes to mind is learned familiarity. From preschool to high school, students are already accustomed to working with other individuals and completing assignments in front of a desk. For these students, it is the prospect of an online education that can seem to be out of their comfort zone, as they are already used to the traditional format of learning. For students who have no trouble managing their personal schedules, then the rigidity of a classroom schedule can help them manage their time more effectively, while integrating their college development into their daily working routine.

    For some students, the comfort of having a conversation and debate in a traditional environment is right for them. The face to face contact with the right instructor can turn the classroom into a living stage of discussion and intellectual feedback. Such environments can allow for immediate expression and opinions between peers in a moderated and educationally driven location. Such conversations can help students measure themselves. Their participation in discussions and debates can be a direct indicator of whether or not they are heading in the right direction with their personal learning process.

    Finding Out Which is Right For You

    For the average student who does not want to deal with the rising tuition costs, an online education may be preferable. Sometimes the college experience is what can compel students to attend a university, but otherwise, the price can be very steep. Because online courses do not have physical amenities for students to make use of, the cost is often much lower. This is just another advantage for busy students who want to propel their career while managing the other aspects of their lives at a comfortable, personalized pace.

    Sarah Daren is a writer who creates informative articles in relation to education and technology. In this article, she talks about the state of modern day education and discusses the various opportunities for higher learning. She aims to encourage further education through military history graduate programs.

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